Monday, 19 August 2013

A few of my favourite things about church

Yesterday I learnt about 'Seeds' in church and some of the different kinds of seeds that can be sown. (By the way, I go to an absolutely fantastic church! Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), City of David (COD)... Lovely lovely place!

Some of the things I love about my church, COD -

1. We are under a wonderful mission aka RCCG and we have a blessed and well respected leader in the person of Pastor E.A Adeboye. (A man I totally respect and would be the no 1 person at the moment I would love to have a sit down, in-depth, no holds barred chat/interview with on a month-long retreat) :-)

2. At COD we have a very amiable Pastor and very trendy too! (The side-parting hair-cut is just too cool and his funky stride walk lol) A cool spiritual 'dude' - iLike!

 You can see the swag even from the picture lol + notice the haircut :-) SOURCE

3. The worship is AMAZING!! I look forward to what heaven would be like with us all joining the heavenly hosts in humble adoration (Hope to see you there? Give me a nudge, you will not miss me.. I will be the one leading the choir and singing the loudest in my sparkling robe *wink*)

* Please permit me to digress - The special song yesterday was so amazing! I could have gone home straight afterwards feeling blessed.. It was powerful enough to have made church for me! It talked about the grace of God.. The beauty of that grace.. What blessing it is to have been lost and found by God's amazing grace!

4. The celebration of families and marriages. This was one of the things that endeared the church to me. I like the fact that they openly celebrate couples and they do this thing whereby on special occasions, couples have to publicly affirm each other before everyone. Some of these open shows and declarations of love, commitment and gratitude have brought a tear or two to people's eyes. (It helps to restore your faith in the institution of marriage)


5. Commitment to social action, community development and giving. COD is a giving church! I have to say that. One of the things that made me decide on COD as a church of choice was how much involvement they had in meeting the needs of the poor as much as possible. They have so many initiatives, one of which is the 'A Can can make a difference'. It's brilliant and I appreciate that in a church.


These are just a very few of my favourite things about COD... You see why I get excited about going to church?! Lol..

It is very important in our Christian walk to find a church that you 'connect' with.. What matters to me in the choice of a church may be at the very bottom of your list but I thank God for the variety in styles of worship and conduction of services. The underlying and uniform quality must be that they preach Jesus, the unadulterated word of God, in addition to other things.

Look for what suits you but don't stay home remaining unsatisfied.. Church can be and should be fun, exciting and a family! It's possible!


  1. Now I love your church. Lol.

    Thanks for stopping by at mine

  2. Lol.. Feel free to visit anytime! xx

  3. I haven't been to COD in aeons, you really made me miss the place today. I hope I can visit soon

  4. Awww! You should come back to visit! xx

  5. aww, i miss COD. I miss Pastor ID and thanksgiving last dance... and Friday afternoon praise hour and sipping on hollandia yogurt and eating meat-pie at the cafe and my friends in church and... everything!
    seeing elderly couples 'celebrate themselves' always gave my heart an extra pump.

  6. @Inyamu.. I can totally identify with what you've written!
    @Abi it's truly an 'awwww' church lol xx

  7. want me to change my Parish..........

  8. LOL @ Sykik... I don't want to cause problem oh! We are all children of the same Father but pleaseee feel very free to visit :-) xx
    I think I will actually put up special events that take place i my church for people who are interested to attend.. xxxx

  9. Indeed RCCG COD is where d love(undiluted one) of God reigns n dreams come true(I mean where u r really gingered 2 make ur vision a reality). A place where legends r born( u can never be a moron there @ all-one is always enlightened on being what God wants one 2 be). Every history of tomorrow is experienced today because d declaration 'I believe it n I receive it' is really working them out 4 us in d church.

  10. Thanks for sharing the vision xty! I love it when it's being reiterated every Sunday and you're right, our constant confession of it is making it so real and visible in our midst! God bless his church, God bless RCCG, God bless COD, God bless Pastor ID!

  11. I can absolutely relate
    On how fabtastic (fabulous and fantastic) church should be
    I absolutely love my church
    To smithereens
    David's Christian Centre pastored by kingsley Okonkwo
    I love my church too
    Like my pastor would say 'there is a church for everyone'
    Find the one that suits you.

  12. That's right! @E, there's a church for everyone.. Thank You Jesus! xx


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