Tuesday 2 April 2013

Can you die for your wife?

Hiya all!

How was your Easter long weekend? Aren't you extra grateful that Jesus Christ came to die for you and I? (What if he rose after 1 week - mehnn that's one week holiday! lol, iKid).
I'm very grateful for the sacrifice and blood of Jesus..

*Side note* Remember that the bible says that the man must love his wife like Christ loved the church and laid down His life for it.... I hope he is willing to die for you? (I hope he will be willing to lay his life for me!)

Thinking - Do you think a man would be willing to die for his wife in today's world? Are there men like that?

My ex-boyfriend once said that he could die for his family members and some friends and to be honest, looking at the way he handled his relationships with family and close friends made me believe it could be possible.

He wasn't an 'oh let's spend all the time in the world together' kinda guy but he was an epitome of loyalty and devotion. He was / is devoted to his family, to people, to his church (very) and his work (passionate more like)...

There are some people who love their children so much that they wouldn't hesitate to give up their own lives for their wellbeing. I know a number of parents who have been put to the test and have put their lives on the line or their health at risk in order to save their children.

Infact there are some children who love their parents so much that they wouldn't mind stepping in line to save their lives. Once, while growing up, my mum fell ill (a parent falling ill can be one of the most frightening of things for children) and I remember my brother praying desperately in his childhood adoration love for his mum, that the sickness would be transferred to him so that she wouldn't have to suffer (to God be the glory, it was only mild malaria and she soon recovered - I am happy to say that both mother and brother are alive and hearty :-D )

Such is the kind of love that can exist between two human beings.. So, it's possible.

So I guess the question for the day would be "Do you think your man would be willing to lay his life for you?" / As a man, would you be willing to lay down your life for your wife?



  1. Haaaaa, I don't think I can die for anybody. Christ already did that. My boyfriend says he can

  2. I think there are men who would be willing to, but they are few and far between. I pray it doesn't come to that sha. That's the ultimate sacrifice.

  3. @Kelvin, That's great to hear *2 thumbs up*
    @Anonymous, thanks for your honesty lol.. God bless your boyfriend!
    @RB, I believe so too. I have met men who would be willing to die for their spouses.
    Amen, I pray it doesn't come to that either... xx

  4. My parents would do it without second thoughts and i would too

  5. @Toinlicious awwwwww.. It's so lovely to hear that *I wanna meet your parents! :-)* xx

  6. Truth be told, that is a question in which anyone can say anything at all, but when the time comes, anyone will do anything.
    You are a bible student so use Peter as case study.
    As for me, I really do not know

  7. SNM!That's food for thought.. I guess you never really know what you are capable of until you are faced with the situation..
    Talking about Peter, he eventually died for Christ's sake.. :-)
    Personally, I would like to know that my man has the intention of doing so xx

  8. cough cough, guys will say yes till they bring the gun for una

  9. LOL.. Some guys are good like that oh! :-) xx


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