Friday, 26 April 2013

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy,

My darling and precious King, my best friend, my All in All, I celebrate You.

You are so good, it's unreal but I know it's definitely real because I experience your goodness on a daily basis.

Thank You for the gift of being alive. I hear of so many people dying, lives being wasted, people dying for being at the wrong place or being at a place at the wrong time. However, you have in your mercy kept my family, friends, loved ones and I in your safety. I bless Your most holy name.

Thank You for the blood of Jesus! Thank you for the miracle in the blood and the name of Jesus. A name that's high above every single name - in heaven, on earth or underneath the earth.. Wow, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, what an awesome wonder You are!

I'm grateful for the season I am in in life for I know that to everything on earth, there is a time and a season and right now, I am grateful for this season because I believe that there is a purpose. My no 1 Personality, please let me recognise the purpose for this season and let me not miss nor overlook it in Jesus name.

Help me to enjoy my single state, knowing that it's a gift of time to do so many things and explore many areas. Help me to learn how to enjoy it and not allow anxiety to spoil the experience for me.

And Lord when my David comes (cause You know I desire a David - a man after your own heart, your beloved, in my care while we remain on earth), let me recognise him. When He comes Daddy, help us to relate to each other with love, wisdom and the fear of God.

The King of my heart, I declare my love to You again, above all else, today and always.

Your forever girl,
One xx


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