Monday, 8 April 2013

It's definitely a love thang!

Sometimes I love my mum and sometimes she makes me absolutely CRAZY!!

She has that unique ability that many mothers have to make you frustrated one minute and fall absolutely in love with them all over again the next!

What makes this relationship more complicated is the fact that we are so alike in many ways like people rightly observe and comment on - I think this is primarily one of the reasons why we drive each other up the wall many times!

My mum is one of the strongest women I know! She was built with very tough stuff mehn! And sometimes I marvel at the extent of her strength. Just like many mothers, her resilience is award-worthy!

I was reading on Aloted's twitter handle earlier today that sometimes those closest to us are our worst critic and I just had to agree with her. One of the first people that came to my mind was my mother! Oh lawdy lawd.. I could be like "Oh mummy, guess what!?! I got this job" and her response will be like "I don't get your excitement at that"

TRANSLATION - I think that job is beneath you, you can do better!.

On the flip side, along with my sis, she is my BIGGEST cheerleader! My mum's belief in me is humbling! She firmly doesn't believe that there is nothing that I cannot achieve and just when I'm about to rest on my oars or settle for less, she's just round the corner to encourage me to get better, to push harder, to not quit and just press forward to reach for the best.

When I was younger (I remember this always with much fondness) if you come and tell my mum something negative about me. pssshhh, you're just wasting your time. She would say "I know my daughter, she would not do such a thing" *I smile even as I remember and write* - (And most often, she was correct.. the other times *shrugs shoulders* lol)
And this graciousness she extended to all my siblings as well..

And relationships? As I have become of age to 'officially' date (we wouldn't tell her about the younger runs now would we?) We both enjoy the gists of the 'toasters' and earnestly pray for the right one to come! (And come he will :-) And when my heart was breaking under the weight of the end of my last relationship, she was ready to 'shake me up' + tell me how special I am and how God will only give me the best. (My husband gast to get along with this great woman!)

As I grow older, I try again and again by God's grace to understand how best to relate to this woman with whom I'm so alike that it drives us bonkers lol!

I'm beginning to learn that her love language must be 'Acts of Service' - She feels special and loved when I go out of my way to do things for her and that's possibly because she wouldn't hesitate to do so and much more.. In all her 'hardness', she has the softest, kindness and most tender of hearts.. A true woman of GOD..

*Please God, give me the grace to make my mama proud and extra extra comfortable in this world*



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