Wednesday, 2 May 2012

From a broken heart..

It's 2months today.. And I still feel this deep-seated sadness.. Sadness is not quite the word, more like this sense of loss. It's not as deep as the loss you feel when you lose someone permanently, no that kind of loss is much worse - but this one feels bad all the same, very bad.

I hate doing sad posts but as part of one's journey in life, it's almost inevitable to encounter moments like this. And I want to use this post to identify with anyone - man or woman- who has ever suffered a heart break.
No one ever wants to admit that the end of a relationship has affected them in such a big way, it's seen as weakness. Naturally, relationships come and go. If it comes, great, if it goes, too bad - dust yourself up and move on. Just move on, everyone eventually moves on.... But you and I know that it's easier said than done.

I remember when I was younger, I used to be one of the 'hard' girls. Unbreakable! I didn't think any man was worth tears and sorrow. If he goes then 'gurllll he wasn't good enough for you' *rolling eyes*. I was the chief pep-talker amongst my friends and sometimes quite insensitive and not quite understanding the reason why a girl would be so hung up on a guy! Gosh, just move on to a better deserving bloke I thought! I had no patience for crying heart-broken friends and I didn't suffer them gladly.

Having cried my own tears, falling hard and deep, I am now not too quick to judge people who can't seem to get over the end of a relationship. I can more than empathise with them on 'that' hurt and emptiness that eats you for the first few weeks. I am so careful about it, I can almost feel their hurt when they cry about it. I wish I could take it away if possible and make everything work again. Needless to say, I hate relationship break-ups!

So, I am kinda going through that phase at the moment and it hurts :-(. As time progresses, the hurt lessens but once in a while it creeps up on you and you just want to crawl someone, be alone and cry/sleep/eat etc. I have prayed, I have encouraged myself, I have heard kind words, I have been surrounded by such amazing love and friends. Sometimes I feel goooood and can't wait for what the future holds! (Yessss!) And sometimes, the sadness comes like a cloud so heavy and so thick..

Nevertheless, I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that God always comes through for me in the end. There's so much comfort and joy I draw from Him at times like this and just like an anti-biotics dose, I have to keep 'topping-up'. As many doses as it takes until I am fully restored.

So, to anyone who has ever suffered a heart-break or who is currently surviving the end of a loving relationship, ultimately, 'ALL WILL BE WELL'.. Keep believing it, don't stop believing it and God will come through for you.



  1. um i am a bit confused dear. i thought you were in a relationship? is it over ni?

    hope to hear back so i know how best to comment.

  2. Olúwatóyìn7 May 2012 at 15:40

    the end of a relationship can certainly produce more pain than we would care to contend with. I've been there. In fact it was one of the deep pains that pushed me into GOD's arms.

    Some don't recognize the pain for what it is, others do but don't acknowledge it, some will even acknowledge it, but they'll be quick to downplay it. Few bare it for what it is. Few will let it soak through until it's all gone.

    The truth I believe is that soaking is the healthiest things to do, emotionally. Spiritually I'd even liken it to a 'full' confession which is essential to true repentance.

    The people that refuse to soak have to deep with the pain seeping through the cracks over however long it takes, until it's all gone. But other 'pains' usually get mixed up along the way and each crack can feel like it's rotting away.

    So your post is not only brave, but wise. Then it is also strong, honest and vulnerable. Everything GOD delights in.

    JESUS didn't say "I'm divine, bring on the crucifixion". HE asked if there was another way... HE didn't say, Death here I come to destroy you, HE cried FATHER, why have YOU forsaken me.

    And GOD delighted in HIM. You know where HE is now.

    I believe and confess that not only is your healing assured, but your joy is increased. Words don't mean much, but I trust without a doubt that HE will bring it all to pass so beautifully that you will one day only remember you were hurt, but not how much.

  3. wait!!...hav u broken up wiv ur new boo???? what did he do??? Gosh!! im sad :(

  4. Hi the One. seems everyone is breaking up nowadays like me. I so much wanna get back but i feel that it's too late or wrong to even wish. let's all be strong together with God

  5. Sorry for the hiatus ladies and thanks a lot for your comments! I appreciate you tres much.
    @aloted, it is.. It kinda didn't work out as much as I wanted it to!
    @Oluwatoyin, God bless you! I was so encouraged by your comment, thanks. And I say AMEN to your prayers xx
    @sayedero, my darling, unfortunately, I have but I believe all is well!
    @Okwuchi, thanks a lot.. May God give us strength to wait on Him and ultimately, may His will be done. I look forward to hearing your testimony very soon :-) xx

  6. Wow. I'm so sorry for your loss. Relationship breakups are never an easy thing to go through particularly when you honestly gave it a good shot and trusted God with it. I can totally relate.

    In my experience, break ups usher in a cycle of emotions. My prayer for you is that the Comforter will wrap His arms around you in this time and minister to you in that place deep down inside where a whole lot of well-meaning people try to reach unsuccessfully.

    As you continue to submit to His Lordship, you can trust that He will never fail you in the end. You may go through challenges to get to your final destination but you can trust that the Shepherd of your soul is leading you to green pastures.

    With your eyes on the bigger picture, you will remember that all things work together for your good. God bless the broken road that will lead you to The One. He will restore and exceed your expectations. Take care 1. I leave you with His peace and grace.

  7. I forgot to share a link to an article someone sent to me earlier this week. If you haven't already read it then I'm sure you'll be blessed by it. I just thought it was something you'd enjoy. Take care 1

  8. im sooo sad!!!what happened im scared..if i ddnt work 4 will I.........abeg just say wat happened

  9. @Watchman, thanks a lota s always for your encouraging words, God bless you!

    @my darling Sayedero, no oh!Nothing to fear, it happens like that sometimes and sometimes, it's for a reason. In everything I thank God for the experience.. No regrets being with him! (well of course apart from the fact that we have broken up!). It's all part of the journey and ultimately, we'll get there in Jesus name.

  10. Oh and Watchman, I can't see the link, thanks xx


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