Monday, 28 May 2012

Do you know that you are so kind?

.. "And I wouldlike to say thank you for being such a good friend"..

One wonderful trait that my close friends and I have tried to inculcate is the habit of appreciation, compliments, affirmation and praise. We are learning that people are more comfortable and drawn to you when you know how to say good things about them and make them feel good about themselves.

Sometimes, we tend to forget to say nice things about people that are close to us or that are around us. We think it, we sometimes show it that we like/love them and appreciate them but we neglect to say it as often as possible. I am not saying that you should tell lies or make up stories to make someone feel good about themselves, instead I have come to realise that when you look out for the good in people, there's always something good to find.

In life, learn to celebrate people. Learn to be a way-maker, an enabler for others. Push yourself to say positive things about yourself and about others (even/and especially in their presence). It is a huge boost to their self-esteem and improves their self confidence.

When someone does something nice or good to you, let them know "Oh Sheila, thanks for helping out the other day, you're so thoughtful'. Thank AND compliment.

I used to find it quite difficult to do, as from my background, you only 'show' people and they 'just know' that you think highly of them. While that is good in itself, I tell you that it is even better when your mouth opens to express what you feel inside.. For me, it has strengthened relationships, opened doors and granted me favour.

You see, God in whose image we are made in, loves compliments! He loves when you tell Him nice things, pleasant things. He absolutely cherishes it. In fact if you are one to do it consistently, He makes His home with you. It is what we normally refer to as PRAISE and in that He dwells in and inhabits. In fact, God also reciprocates, as His word is filled with such pleasant words of affirmation for us.. 'You are fearfully and wonderfully made', 'Apple of my eyes', 'Light of the world' etc..
It comes as no surprise then that you and I also love when people say good and complimentray things. Not flattery, just appropriate appreciation.

As we start our week, I urge you to have 'positive mouth diarrhea'. let your lips drip with compliments and thanks for people around you.. Family, friends, husband, children, parents, boss, strangers, person on the till, security guard etc... And watch what happens....

God bless you wonderful peeps :-) xx


  1. well said well u know i did similar on my blog and it felt GREAT!

    we shouldnt wait till people die to say great things about them...let us appreciate our loved ones NOW

  2. I tell you, what you have pointed out is great!

    I was asking my fiance just last weekend, if I compliment her enough. I wanted a feedback so I know if I need to do more. In every relationship, words of affirmation goes a long way!

    Blessings to you ma. Thanks for vising my blog. I appreciate you.

    - LDP

  3. @aloted, I think you nail it again and again. You have a great way of saying good things to others and celebrating them.. God bless you!
    @Samuel Ekundayo, isn't she blessed? 2 thumbs up always for a man who seeks to make sure that he is being the best man to his woman and meeting her needs... emotionally and otherwise. God bless you sire! Your blog is awesome :-) xx

  4. thanks for sharing this.
    One can never go wrong with kind and gentle compliments..

  5. Everyone loves a an appreciative heart.

  6. @OlusSimeon & Okeoghene , that's right!

  7. *Clapping* what a great post and great reminder. Sometimes we fail to celebrate & thank those closes to us, like our spouse.

    We need to always practice saying Thank you and giving our spouse kudos for a job well done. We assume they understand we appreciate them but they need to hear those words.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Still Dating My Spouse

  8. It is always so good to receive someone's appreciation and gratitude. However, we often forget how great it feels to return it to others! Thank you for the reminder and I know I will become more aware of making sure that my closest loved ones know how much I appreciate them! Well said!

  9. This is sooo true!!! We take them for granted. I need to say THANK YOU today!!

  10. Thanks @ SDMS, MochaChica and DC Squared.. :-)
    You're most welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting.. xx


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