Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I cannot believe it's been almost a whole WEEK!! Wow, I am really slacking! :-( I really need to buckle up!! I have had sooo many topics for discussion running around in my head for the past few days. So many things have happened, I have heard so many things, I have read so many things and I have experiened so many emotions! It's been quite a mini roller-coaster actually.

It makes me wonder then why it is so difficult for me to blog regularly??!! Granted, I have been quite busy in the past few days but who isn't? I believe it's all down to an acute case of procrastination + a tad bit of laziness (yeah yeah I'm quite lazy BUT working on it :-)

I saw this quote a few days back on someone's blog and I absolutely loved it and I leave you with the thought!..

"A woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man has to seek Him in order to find her"

Isn't that just profound? Ever since I saw this quote, I have been ruminating it (hope that was properly phrased, lol) in my head. I would LOVE to be that kind of woman!!! One thing I wouldn't compromise in finding the ideal man is that he must have a PASSION for God. Infact that quality is a top pre-requisite!!

The beauty of such a man is that the fear of God would make him unable to do some certain things. Just like the song that says "when a man loves a woman....", "when a man loves his God!" he would find it difficult to lie/cheat/hit his girl. He would treat her with so much love and respect for the sake of God.. Why wouldn't I want a guy like that?? :-) I have always believed that once a man is right with God, other (good) things would surely follow.

I am not talking about a man who proclaims he is a christian and does everything to negate that fact but a man who truly loves God. There is a big difference!
May God help us in our quest to findng THE ONE!!


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