Thursday, 14 August 2008


Mrs A, Mrs B or Mrs F, which one has the nicest ring to it?

No, I'm not getting married but I spoke to someone today and we really got on well so I was just trying out his surname to see if it would fit with mine, lol. Crazy huh? hahaha.. I know, but funny thing is that's what happens most times!!

That's why I love Natasha Bedingfield's song "I wanna have your babies!" lol (I'm listening to it right now). I remember one of my male friends making a comment about the song and saying how ridiculous it was, and how it wasn't true.... I just laughed and thought to myself "if only he knew" lol! The reason why I love that song soo much is that whilst its a bit exaggerated the sentiments are quite on point:-)

I don't know if it's just me and Natasha Bedingfield that act in that way but I remember how I get when I meet someone new and a short while after, I start thinking if he's "THE ONE". I do a very quick but thorough check on his background, physical and spiritual attributes, character etc. I could get all this informatIon from one or two conversations with him (what can I say, your girl gat skills, lol). ... There was this particular guy whom I really liked and who "scored" high points in my personal potential boyfriend (husband :-) test but I guess all my prodding finally got to him and he couldn't take any more of it, he actually jokingly remarked once that he felt like he was taking an examination and once asked "so, did I pass?" Poor boy, if only he knew what was going through my crazy mind! hehehe.... Worst still, little sad me, GET A LIFE!!

One mistake I used to make a lot (I'm a changed person now of course! :-) was that I focused soo much on making sure that every guy I met measured up to a certain standard that I forgot to just relax and enjoy the moment and experience the process of getting to know them like a normal person.. I would check for this and that and in cases where I had found all that out, I would move on to even more stupidly trivial matters and ask "random" leading questions such as "what would you do if your wife (*cough cough*, me) bla bla bla" and await his response to see if he were the one or I laugh at it now but it wasn't funny then, I was simply stark raving out of any form of common sense.

Someone once told me that men can "smell" when women want to take things to a further level FAST and there's one way in which guys usually react, they run FAST! Not in your direction, sorry to disappoint you honey but they run AWAY... So we only end up getting the wrong response!

Thank God I have tried and been able to relax a lot now and I've decided to take things easy, key objective being "make friends first and other things would follow". Enjoy the "honeymoon" period of dating and don't ruin it all by being "anxious for nothing". Relax, if he's yours he's yours, if not then his loss!! *wink wink*

God bless xx

P.S Can someone please inform/instruct/educate me on how to upload videos on this page, merci/muchos gracias!! xxx

Until then you can copy and paste (hehe) this link to watch the famous Natasha Bedingfield's song "I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES"

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