Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Dear Diary - Self Love

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Dear Diary,

Today, I took myself out on a date, yes I did!

Pardon me, it seems like I only update you when it involves the word 'date'.. I promise to do better.... Lol

So, I went out to dinner today by myself to a restaurant I had always fancied and honestly I felt so thrilled to be able to do this. Here's why:

1. It was good to know that I enjoyed my own company.
2. While I love the company and friendship of others, I would survive if no one was to be found!
3. It was liberating in a very interesting way. I loved every minute of it!
4. I didn't have to endure poor conversation in the name of company *covers face* lol
5. Did I mention that it was liberating?

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Oh another bonus point.. Freedom to order like a glutton that I'm not of course :-D
I am writing it here because I want to remember the feeling. It's the first time I'm doing this, however I have heard a number of people talk about it.

To be honest, I thought I would die of embarrasment or at least self-awareness would put me into mild shock, but it wasn't so bad!

I dressed up in something nice (the blue and white wrap dress) and of course sprayed my Dior J'adore (with a healthy spritz of confidence!), and kept my self-appointment dinner reservation at 7pm.... LOVED IT!

You should have seen my cousin Daisy's expression when she saw me driving out, she almost passed out (Hahaha).. She used words like 'Sad', 'lonely' 'help', 'Saddd' (ever-lovingly of course) and I simply laughed it away. She didn't understand.

It wasn't out of loneliness.. Not at all. It was just something I'd always wanted to do! And I did it... And it felt gooood!

It got me thinking too, why are we so afraid of our own company? Why do we depend on others to have a great time. I cannot lie, company is much better but it is also very important to learn how to be alright in my own company.

So here's me saying, pledging indeed that I will do this more often. Next stop - Cinema!! Haha

I'll definitely write about that if/when I do!

DeeDee xxxx

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