Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Dear Diary - Can I Talk Too, Pretty Please?

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It's only the second entry and I am almost about to not write anything in...... So tired! It's only the middle of the week but I feel stressed already.

I promised to give gist from the date with 'Jerry Curl' last week.... Hmmmm

Unfortunately, Jerry Curl was not this interesting *sigh*

Ok, it wasn't that bad... Definitely could have been worse! His good looks don't quite translate to his personality! I have certainly had better first dates, then again it was a first date so I am not completely knocking it.

Enough of my rambling, here's what really happened:

He calls a few hours to the date (about noon) to ask where I would like to go.. Bad move, I like to be surprised! Then again, he was trying to play safe I guess lol. Imagine him turning up to take me to Jevinik.. Good food but date? nahh!!

I dress up, he's punctual (very punctual... or maybe I was veryyy late getting ready as usual lol). He looked really nice. I'm glad he made the effort (points!)... I think I looked fab too (Yes diary you're mine and I can write what I like :-D).

He took me to Talindo's - nice Italian restaurant in VI. Loved the ambiance and food (I should go there again). And that's pretty much summing it all up. Food was good (very good), conversation was stale (quite stale) and that for me was quite a disappointment... For crying out loud, who on earth talks about themselves over and over again! Like, I like talking and all but I give the other person the opportunity to get in a word at least twice (thrice if I'm nice lol)... But this guy went on and onn and onnn and onnnnnnn! Lawd have mercy!

Anyways, I concentrated on the delicious meal set before me and I prayed inwardly not to mistakenly heave a huge sigh outwardly... He dulled me major.. Oh well, let me excuse him by saying he was nervous....

Got home, got in and thanked God for the opportunity to be able to speak (finally!!)

Oh yeah, major points for him, he talked about his relationship with God a lot.. Majorrrr points! And that's the only reason I will consider (consider being the operative word) a second date with him like he asked (that took me totally by surprise as I didn't even think he knew enough of me from the date to know if he wanted a second one seeing as he just kept talkingggggg!) lol

I think I've done justice to this week's entry.....

Oh I need to pray oh, I have an important meeting tomorrow and to be honest I am so not ready! I'm scaredd but Lord please help me I pray. 

DeeDee xx

End time: 10:59pm


  1. nice entry, it's good not just to post "success" stories, but mundane dates as well, it makes me feel understood lol
    Can't imagine though how not to let you talk and ask questions, it seems you have such a full and enriching life. A pity this guy didn't see this and was too obsessed with himself.
    Still love your writing style, very funny and human, and also quite expressive (talkinggggg^^)

    An interesting side-note was your evaluation of his question where to eat ("bad move, I like to be surprised"). I think I can learn from this since I am often insecure in proposing a specific activity, I tend to ask "What do you think about this?" "Would you like to do xy / go xy?" Maybe I should just go ahead and try out, no questions asked lol

    1. Sebastian!!! As always, I find your comment very interesting and I look forward to reading them!
      Seb, Dear Diary is not entirely non-fiction (guess which is fiction and which is not?) It's chronicling tid-bits of DeeDee's life (not mine!)

      However, we share certain similarities lol (Including the no asking for where to eat on a date - bad move! Lol). I like your options better - Would you like to do XY / go XY? That's great!
      Thanks as always for stopping by Sebs.. We are due for a catch-up!!!!


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