Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dear Diary 1 - In the Beginning...

Can't believe I am finally getting round to doing this! Last time I kept a diary was about 10 years ago! I was just about exiting teenage-hood.. How time flies! 

Oh well, I stumbled on old copies of my diaries while cleaning out my closet and I had to stop mid-way as I delighted myself with tales from my life long ago that seemed like I was reading someone else's story! I laughed, shook my head, and cringed at some of the things I read! How on earth could I have ever thought Kole was my ideal man! Oh dear!! Thank God for His mercies... And I wonder if Siju ever found out that it was my brother making all those anonymous calls!! *Secret admirer* indeed lol... I don't think I would want to go back there, but I can safely say that I loved that time (take away the spots though!).

Anyway, I thought I loved being able to see how far I had come and besides my diary was like my shrink! No judgement, just soaking in all the 'sordidness' - (at that time they seemed sordid! Haha) details of my daily existence... No complaints, no advice and no fees!

So I am doing this again Diary! Yes, you are back in business.. This should be fun.. I am too busy for daily entries though - then I was very jobless and now, man's got to work! :-D

So let's try once a week? Wednesdays to be precise!

I have a 'hot' date tonight... Cannot wait to write the details in my first full diary post entry next week!..

His name is Jerry (ewww).. I'm sorry but it reminds me of Jerry curl (double ewwww).. His face makes me forget how much I don't like his name though! He will survive lol.. I'm excited! It's been a while and I want to believe that Jerry knows how to make a date come alive (amen!)

Ok, let me practice small - Mrs Deedee Jerry Imaseun *Le sigh* lol

Alright, off to go get ready.. I'm excited already, not just for Jerry curl but for my brand new diary!! Whoop whoop!

DeeDee xx


  1. Issokay...I can't wait to hear, sorry read, about it...

    1. Lol... That's right.. Wednesday, coming up!!


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