Friday, 7 November 2014

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

My Daddy in whom I can proudly beat my chest about!

My Daddy who never fails!

My Daddy who is the Champion, my Champion!

My Daddy who is supernaturally awesome!

My Daddy who is absolutely reliable!

My Daddy who loves without holding back or expecting in return.. You just love!

My Daddy who is Compassionate and Kind!

My Daddy who is Great and Mighty!

My Daddy who can never lose a battle.. Never ever!

My Daddy who does not slumber nor sleep!

My Daddy who can turn around a situation in the blink of an eye!

My Daddy who commands all things and they obey!

My Daddy with whom no one can contend with!

My Daddy who stills storms and parts seas!

My Daddy who spoke words and the whole earth was formed!

My Daddy who is the Creator and Owner of all things!

My Daddy who is Dependable and worthy of total trust!

My Daddy who is Everything - All in All, Complete!

I am proud of You Daddy, immensely proud and I can't say it enough.

Thank You for being my Daddy :-)

Your daughter,
One xx


  1. Now this line always amazes me.. ""My Daddy who loves without holding back or expecting in return.. You just love!"" Its amazing, cause even immersed in my sins and worthlessness, he is still there, as all i need do is cry out sincerely. I know sometimes he looks down on me and be like you this boy ehnnn, but I am humbled how he loves me regardless. I know my rope of leniency is running out though, but for the journey thus far, I thank him from my heart...

  2. love this! and my devotion today was on Romans 8.32 which says I paraphrase- if God didn't withhold his only son whom he loved from me, why will he now not give me much more... men that spoke volumes to me. God loves me!!!!!

    1. Aloted I read that a few days ago and I was just as amazed as you were, our God is a generous God


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