Monday, 6 May 2013

Wow!!! I am his helper (3)

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you” John 14:26

Ladies! Do you realise that the bible refers to you as a HELPER (Genesis 2:18). Your responsibility to your husband is likened to that of the Holy Spirit to us – isn't that amazing and humbling? You have a very special position and role in your husband’s life and destiny. Please don’t let self, society and fear stop you from fulfilling this God-given role.

Today, I continue to explore the unique privilege of being my husband's helper. You can read the first part HERE and the 2nd part HERE

No 3 - To Teach – John 14:26

I am very grateful to God that I love teaching lol, in fact my childhood dream was to be a great teacher (I still have that dream) – I guess I was born to be an excellent helper *wink wink* J

I’m sure you will agree with me that a teacher has an immense privilege indeed. A teacher moulds and shapes destiny. In fact, a teacher has the power to unlock the potential in another individual.

The truth is that there are teachers and there are TEACHERS. When you ask an individual to list people who have influenced or inspired them, usually a school teacher’s name is on the list. Some people still remember the name of that teacher who told them they could do it and efficiently made the experience of learning a joy. As I write, some names are jumping to my mind and I smile fondly when I remember the impact that some great teachers (both formal and informal made in my life).

I am thankful to God for giving me the wonderful opportunity of impacting my husband's life in an unforgettable way as his wife and designated helper.

They are many qualities that make up a great teacher that I possibly would not be able to fully explore in today’s post, however I will list some. A great teacher is passionate about developing the individual, a great teacher is interested in being able to see the difference they are making in the life of the individual, a great teacher is very patient and doesn't mind going over the same thing over and over again with a healthy dose of long-suffering until their mission is achieved, a great teacher doesn't let the individual feel bad even when they make mistakes, a great teacher does her homework and prepares herself properly so that she is giving the best to the individual, a great teacher leads sometimes without pushing it in the individual’s face that “I am responsible for your success”, a great teacher is an encourager, a great teacher inspires…. I could go on and on and on (and I encourage you to think of some of the great qualities of a great teacher!)

As my husband's helper, I hope to fulfill this very key role in his life, to prepare myself enough by God’s grace to inspire him, to leave an indelible mark in his life, to influence him greatly, to be able to identify his potential and unlock it through a variety of ways (prayer will sure be an indispensable weapon) in the most humble of ways.

Wow, I need super-human powers! Well, thank God I can run to the ultimate Helper for help.. And run to Him, I will! In fact, I intend to make Him my dwelling place. *singing* “There’s something that makes me run into your presence.. My Helper”


  1. I never saw the connection between the Holy Spirit as a helper, and women as helpers too. Interesting observation.

    I think women generally understand their roles as helpers. It is constantly drummed into their heads at church, etc. What I don't hear enough of is the role men are to fulfil as husbands. Does a woman's destiny or career suddenly disappear the minute she says "I do?" I don't think so. Very little is said on this subject sha.

  2. Thanks for your comment RB.. very much appreciated.

    Hmmm.. about women understanding their role as helpers, I agree with you to a certain extent.

    I speak for myself when I say that for a very long time, I always found the term helper a bit derogatory and I just thought since it was God-ordained and I couldn't question Him, I just had to get with it and do it..

    However, recently I have started to appreciate and be proud of this unique privilege and by God's grace, no longer view it as something that is 'less than' but something to be celebrated! It's been liberating! lol - That's the reason I started this series.

    As for the man's role.. I would love to also see that being fully explored.. The truth is that it is unfortunate that many do not have enough information about the role that God has given them and the HUGE responsibility it is.

    Maybe one day.. But first, as a woman, before I can understand another's role, I need to know mine first..

    You know that popular saying... Change starts with an 'I'


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