Friday, 31 May 2013


I've been naughty...

I haven't even stopped by here for a minute to update and all that (LOL, Don't worry, nothing tooo drastic!)

So as my last post stated, I started a new job and it is taking a huge chunk of my time but the great thing is that I loveeeee it! :-) And I am so grateful to God for this wonderful opportunity and for His grace and favour. For all those praying for a job and for fulfillment in a job, may God grant you your heart's desires.

How have you all been? As you may be aware, this is not a very serious post! lol

Just random randomer and randomest..

Ok, so what's new in your life?

I need a car (so please add that to your private prayer requests on my behalf, thank you very much ..... But before then, I desperately need driving lessons :-) - That's filed under things to desperately do!

Honestly Lagos without a car is just not quite complete! Lord have mercy!

In other news, guess what?? You will never be able to guess! No, try guessing! Again.. again... again..

Yup, I thought as much, wrong!

Are you ready for the answer? Wait for this!

I have been unfaithful at blogging *straight face*

*I did tell you it was an extremely random post hehehe

Happy Friday peeps! *mwah*


  1. yaaaay....i'm so very happy for U. i'm believing God for a neww job too, so i' gonna tap into your testimony and have faith for mine.
    kudos to you girl....

  2. hahahahahah
    ure nt crios ooo
    oya come back and blog well jare
    hw re u
    congrats on ur job
    oya begin to receive ur car IJN.amen

  3. love ur blog...where do you work?

  4. @Nkaytchee! Thankssss! :-) Amen! I look forward to hearing about your new job in Jesus name, one that would give God glory and give you pleasure and a measure of fulfillment xxxx
    @Sugarspring, lol.. Thanks a lot hun.. This was a break from a very busy week. AMEN! I receive it in Jesus name. Thanks so much :-) I will def blog about that hehe. xxxxx
    @Anonymous, thanks a lot. I'm really glad you do *smiling*. Thank God.... Hmmm if I told you where I work, you may know me! lol xxxxx


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