Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Smell it, go right ahead and eat it!

Please if you are not going to eat it, don't smell it/stare at it longingly!

This goes for both ladies and men... It just helps a lot of people and it would mean preventing a LOT of heart-break(s).

If you know you are not interested in being in a relationship with someone, Please, please and please don't act like you are. The least you owe them is honesty and transparency. Don't lead them on..

And by that, don't spend endless minutes/hours on the phone with them because 'I like talking to you'..

Don't introduce them to important people in your lives..

Don't share the odd kiss, holding intimately etc with them and then have it at the back of your mind that it's 'no strings attached'.

Don't go out to eat together, go on cinema dates outings, go bowling alone and say 'I like your company that's all'.

Don't text/chat/bbm endlessly with them just 'for the fun of it'.

State your intentions, let them be clear from the beginning. You do the person a great disservice by toying with their emotions. And there's a thin line between love and hate, especially when the heart is involved!

I'm just sharing this because I have heard so many experiences of guys and ladies who are heart-broken because they 'thought', and by all indications, you wouldn't blame them for 'thought-ing'.

You and I know when someone likes you more than being just friends, if you have any iota of respect for them, maintain your distance if you know you are not interested. Yes, it's difficult - hey, who doesn't like the attention but be kind. It could be your sister/brother/son/daughter tomorrow.. It could even be YOU!

A lot is said to people to 'wake up and smell the coffee, see the signs' but this is an appeal to the other side, please have mercy. Just have mercy!

God bless xx


  1. 1) Please get out of my head! I mean that!
    2) I really don't mean that. Thanks for the reminder. At least in my case, i'm running but it keeps running after me #sigh
    3) It smells soo sweet though *coversface*

  2. LOL...
    I totally understand what you mean but it gast to be done!
    I have been on both ends of the stick and I know that it sucks both ways..
    Hope you smell from afar lol xx

  3. I agree with your post, and like you pointed out, it goes both ways.

  4. i feel u but i still think we are responsible for our own actions. if a guy hasn't spelt it out by saying anything DO NOT assume..if u are bold u can ask what his intentions are.

    That was my rule when i was single. I cannot allow one boy to put me in hypertension mode

    And yes thou shall not lead on!

  5. LOL @ 'thought-ing'..haha!!

    I totally agree with you..buh im the playful type and i guess i always tend to pass on the wrong signal :(

  6. lol @ thou shall not lead on! Hilarious but very true too. Having three single sisters, I would absolutely not like it if some time-waster misleads them. It's not fair to do so. Like someone else pointed out, ladies also have a responsibility to 'guard their hearts'. Men should take the lead and only go for what they want.

  7. @Myne, thanks! It's both ways oh..
    @aloted, definitely, one's responsibility.. I cannot afford to place the state of my heart in someone's hands.. Too risky for such precious commodity
    @sayedero, sweetie, mercy.. have mercy! :-) xx
    @Watchman, thanks a lot! If only every man will remember their female relatives when they do certain things :-)

  8. Most times, you state clearly, very clearly too your intentions and someway somehow, it is misunderstood to mean something else.
    I have done intentions like a daily mantra, acted like an ass on purpose and many other things and still... Sigh.
    Maybe it is all the kissing :(

    All this proving that one is not a robot is bad for the ones that wear glasses (just saying)

  9. Lol @ 'maybe it's all that kissing'.. I kinda think it probably is.. Let your actions match your words oh! Lol. If you're saying no but kissing nonetheless, please have mercy! Look at it this way, love is making them do irrational things, but you can be the bigger person, yes? lol
    Thanks for your comment, it's great to have male perspecttives

  10. Came here to check you out, interesting blog, interesting posts too. I will be visiting.

    Biko nu, this captcha thing hurts the eyes.

    I am not a robot :(

  11. Aww thanks, merci beaucoup! Welcome SNM, I am honoured:-)
    Mehn, I don't know how to end this relationship with captcha oh! :-(
    Let me go-a-further exploring!


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