Saturday, 4 August 2012

Thank God for Closed Doors!

I have been thinking and reflecting recently and today I listened to a wonderful message by Joel Osteen about 'The God who closes Doors'.

It was just a confirmation of the encouragement and words I have been getting from God. I will be writing from the point of relationships but please feel free to apply it as you deem fit.

So, I have been very very sad about the end of my last relationship. To be honest, I thought he was the One. Even though I had only known him for a short while, I was convinced it was one of those relationships that take off very quickly because you just KNOW... 

He was many things I had hoped and prayed for in my future partner. In fact I had admired him from afar and the fact that it became real made me want to sing and dance for joy. I was sooo in lovee! I kept thanking God everyday that not only did he bring someone into my life, He brought HIM.. It was an answer to my prayers and I felt a reward for all the time of waiting!

I don't think both of us would have ever thought that very shortly down the line we would be calling it quits and for no apparent reason. It just wasn't working out and I did not want to remain in something that wasn't 100%. I desire God's best and I wasn't ready for anything less no matter how attractively packaged it was. I must admit that I had my own issues etc but I don't think it was over the top. 

So when it ended, I cried and cried! I didn't even know it could ever get to me like that! I have had my fair share of disappointments in relationships so I thought it would just be one of those things but this one was different. I don't think I have ever felt this heart-broken and helpless before. 

Of course the next thing I did was turn to God.. I prayed and prayed! I asked God for mercy, to right the wrong. To make him come back... But He didn't or He hasn't and I have been so discouraged. What makes it worse is that there is no apparent reason why it had to end. 

... However, I am coming to understand that sometimes God closes a door to open THE door and like Joel Osteen said in his message, He loves you too much to give you less when you cry for it when He knows that the best is coming! Our thoughts/visions/plans are way limited compared to what God has in store for us. And sometimes He withholds what looks ideal to our human eyes to enable us get the real deal! 

..Sometimes though, He requires you to give up that precious thing to prove that without it you can still remain happy and content in Him. If He chooses, He brings it back, just like Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22:!-19) BUT even if He doesn't, know that He has not a shred of wickedness in Him.. All God has for you and I is love and He ONLY ever wants the best for you.

Be encouraged, you and I don't know what God has just saved us from because our sight is limited but in due season, you will come to know and appreciate Him even more. Right now, all you can do is trust in Him, thank Him in all situations and wait with the right attitude for the very BEST He has for you.

Lots of love xxxx


  1. Omg!!!du noe d same thing happened to me??..only dat we ddnt go out....he was EVERYTHING I prayed 2 God I wanted...down 2 d smallest detail.
    Until it became a call me first game...I was dissappointed at his immaturity :(...that's y I wrote that 'I deserve to be with someone' post on my blog...buh now I'm over it!!! God loves me too much..better is comin' :D

  2. ((Hugs)), I can imagine how hard it must be, yet I love how you choose to remain encouraged in your heart. The best would surely come :)

  3. @Sayedero, Yes He loves you too much babe! And I loved that 'I deserve to be with someone' post.. It rang so true. Please, please, please don't ever settle for less than God's best for you! He sees you as the apple of His eyes, you deserve to be with someone who treats you in that way! God help us all by His grace!

    @jhazmyn, It was HARDDD! Thanks and amen, God is good! He is such a loving Father and I am grateful for the day I said YES to Him :-) xxxx

  4. the best will definitely come. the lord never sleeps

  5. Your rejection is your direction! Ask Joseph, Moses, David and co. Closed doors compel you to keep searching for THE open door. Your steps are always being ordered by God provided your life is submitted to His leadership. I have no doubt that behind one of those doors is The One, who is probably also checking out all the doors before him. A fundamental and rock-solid trust in the character and nature of God will be necessary in the place of waiting. You know He loves you and is always working things out together for our good. I personally experienced the whole Abraham/Isaac thing at one point in my relationship but after exactly six months, God brought us back together in a miraculous and dramatic way. The fine details of your life are all under scrutiny by His keen eyes. You will not miss your door in Jesus name.

  6. @Gift - Amen, it will! Thanks a lot for your comment and welcome to my blog! :-) xx
    @Watchman, Amen and amen! As always, your comments are always soo wis and encouraging. I will certainly be sharing my testimony on here! :-) Thanks a lot bro! xx

  7. Just had to leave a message of encouragement. God will surely heal you and He has only thoughts of good and will bring the one who will not disappoint you. Take care/

  8. Amen! Your words and prayers mean a lot MW! God bless you xx


  9. Just simply wanted to state Now i am thankful I stumbled onto your web page!

  10. I've had a lot of closed doors lately in job opportunities. I've come to realize after researching, praying and slight disappointments that "Closed doors are a Test from God' and you must keep moving forward, keep trusting in God and thank God for the closed door, because God never disappoints and God knows when the right door will open after you PASS THE TEST!

  11. Amen! Thanks a lot for that. Closed doors are very disappointing and sometimes there are no obvious reasons but you just have to keep trusting the faithfulness of God. Ko easy *sigh* but worth it in the end

  12. Amen! Thanks a lot for that. Closed doors are very disappointing and sometimes there are no obvious reasons but you just have to keep trusting the faithfulness of God. Ko easy *sigh* but worth it in the end


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