Tuesday, 23 February 2010

... NEW POST!! lol


I know, I know! It's a looooooong time coming!

Happy New Year and everything in - between!

Oh my goodness I've missed blogging/blogville/everything blogified!

I'm always glad to be back..

I don't know why I am so lazy when it comes to blogging!

If only I were confident (not to mention technical savvy hehe) enough to do audio posts seeing as I like to talk soo much!

I'm guessing that then I would be regular enough lol...

I must mention here that you guys are tres amazing!! Your encouraging comments put the much needed grease on my elbow to come back! Merci beaucoup ma cherie(s)!! :-)

So much has already happened this New Year!

With respect to that, I would just like to say that please appreciate everyone that you love, don't wait for "tomorrow" to show them how much you care.. Remember tomorrow is not promised to anyone, we can only hope and pray for it... Do something nice for them TODAY!! Especially that thing you've been meaning to do.. "I don't have time" is not a good enough excuse.. Don't wait to have to forcefully look for that time...

My simple message to you is that God has blessed us with such wonderful (and not so wonderful :-) people around us, let's show them just how much we appreciate and love them back!

I love you all!! (Forgive/permit me, I'm feeling quite emotional!)
More importantly I hope you fully understand how loved you are by God... He loves you, He truly truly does!

PS - Someone once said that women are very random, meaning we jump from one train of thought to another... Is that true?.. Actually judging from this post and many others I would have to kinda concur lol!

Peace, love and joy in Jesus...


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