Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Valentine new wahala?

It seems like everyone around me is getting engaged!!

Left, right, front, back... ..

I blame it on Valentine's day, in fact the whole month of February!!

Now people are no longer satisfied with chocolates and flowers on the 14th, oh no! they want you to put a ring on it!! (Actually maybe Beyonce may partially be responsible... that's for all you Beyonce-ogling guys out there hahahaha - evil laugh - now you'll think again before watching THAT video again, serves you right!)

As if the pressure wasn't bad enough! lol I feel sorry for the guys.. Shey it was the amount you spent on gifts you were "fearing" before... Now you will have to save up for that sparkly ring (and it has to be nicer than the one her friend got mind!) and of course the great big day...

So guys do you feel the pressure? And ladies, would you like a valentine's day proposal??

Personally, my verdict is still out on it you know. For one, it would be sooo obvious unless the guy's got extra game and manages to still make it unique regardless of the fact that there's a ripple of "YES!" across the world on the day!



  1. i wouldnt want a val's day proposal...too overdone.

  2. gosh, not a val's day proposal. But, a man would likely think it was a good idea, because he could kill two events/celebrations on one day - engagement anniversary (assuming they celebrate it, I don't) and Valentines.

    Hoping all is well with you.

  3. i don't quite like d idea of proposing on vals day or even wedding on vals day.

  4. lol at engagement anniversary! Do people actually really celebrate that? No wonder the guys would just have it all-in-one!
    Although that wouldn't work for me oo, no way is he getting away that easy :-)
    I don't like double dates oo (ok maybe the births of my children so I wont have to plan too many birthday parties in one year (hehe I kid I kid!)

  5. if my beau does a public proposal he is soooo dead. I just wanna wake up with a ring on it and scream with joy(?)

  6. haha! I would so not dig a val's day proposal. I want something unique and original yo! :)

  7. i know 4 peeps that got engaged on vals day this year..i cant say i like it or i long as he is proposing...the day doesnt matter


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