Friday, 4 December 2009


My darling daddy,
How are you? My love, my joy, my peace, the glory and the lifter of my head..
I am just so thankful to you for all of the ways that you have shown me grace and favour.
It's good to have a father like you. I know I can talk to you about anything and everything and you will understand like no one else would.
Daddy I'm a bit confused, please make things clear and please give me the strength to make the right decision. I want to just hide in the shadow of your wings.
Everyday I am reminded of your profound love for me. I know that you hold me in such high esteem, I know that I am so precious to you. Perhaps if only we all knew just how precious we were to you!
But sometimes we forget daddy, and sometimes like the prodigal son it takes eating with swine to wake up and realise that in your palace, we are kings and queens.

Thank you for everything daddy.

Love you always,


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