Friday, 2 October 2009


..So I was thinking to myself, "when I get back to blogville, what would I like the theme of my blog to be" cause I don't want to write pointlessly, that would surely be a waste of my time. I have always wanted to be an inspiration, especially to young ladies (I don't know why) but I've always had a heart for young ladies like myself, and sort of considered it my "ministry".

My desire is to see more young ladies step out for God, ladies who would value themselves and have a solid cast-iron self-esteem that no one would be able to rubbish. One area that I know is very peculiar to many young ladies is the big "R" word; RELATIONSHIPS. Hence the reason why this blog dwells heavily (and more) on it. My desire is to see young ladies in more fulfilling relationships, to be treated with love and respect and handled delicately by whomever they have entrusted their hearts to.

My passion is ladies! I'm not a feminist, not at all. Neither am I a male-basher. But I recognise the special qualities that God has blessed women with. You better believe it, God loves women (specially)!

I hope to talk about a wide range of issues that are important to young ladies, using personal experiences sometimes to buttress a topic and generally facilitate a forum that women would feel free to express themselves, learn from one another and be inspired.

May God help me! xx

For those in a relationship/married (or not), I dedicate this song to you!


  1. Good for you..... just keep it trully honest and real.

    Good luck

  2. Love it dear.

    All the best with this idea. I really looking foward to hearing from you.

    This is a ministry I believe I have aswell:-)

  3. It's great to have a vision...we look forward to your subsequent posts

  4. Thanks my lovely friends! God bless you xx


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