Saturday, 12 December 2009

Get it Right!

New Post, New Post!! (Big Grin)
I'm always glad to come back to blog on here although it's becoming increasingly difficult. i woud like to share a bit of myself here (I guess that's part of what blogging is about - opening up and sharing with people your thoughts and brain child).

There's a saying I heard/read once that I really like and that is "A foolish man learns from his own mistakes and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others". I remember when I read that, I thought to myself "yeah, that makes sense and I definitely one to be the wise one" hence I made up my mind to try as much as possible to watch carefully and learn from others who have gone through stuff that I may be able to avoid such. On the other hand, another popular saying goes "experience is the best teacher" ergo, sometimes the best way to know what it feels like or to learn a lesson is to have a taste of it - you never know what heat is until you go near or touch fire.

For me, both sayings are quite apt, my life is a combination of both; in some cases, I have seen things happen to people or people do stuff in certain ways with bad or good results and I have either avoided or embraced it while in other cases, I have had to go through some things for me to fully appreciate it.

So enough with the philosophy, what exactly is my point.. Well, I hope in the next couple of posts to share a bit of my relationship story (s). You see one thing I have realised is that as a young Christian lady, it is sometimes so difficult to have a "Christian" relationship in today's world and in many cases, you compromise - either in a "big" way or in a "minor" way. For many people, our desire is to do it God's way, but time and time again even the best of Christians miss it and it's only after it doesn't work out that you think to yourself "What was I thinking???"

You see, relationships are a big part of our formative years and life is very much defined by it.. I'm not talking only in terms of romantic relationships but platonic and familial as well. So many people have been damaged by wrong relationships and inversely, so many people have been rescued and nurtured by the right relationships and associations. My prayer for you is that you would realise what the right kind for you is and embrace it, in order to be that which God has made you and called you to be.

I would continue in the next post and start from the beginning :-)
For now, I hope you know that the best relationship is the one with the One.. Jesus makes it all worth it and only Him can complete anyone.... I leave you with this beautiful song and wish you a most beautiful weekend.

God bless you xx


  1. Good to have to back....r/ships are just sumthing else!

  2. Aww, you're lovely My World.. and I agree with you on the relationship thing :-)
    Thanks Myne Whitman! xx


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