Tuesday, 14 June 2016

No Short-Cuts, No Settling, No Yielding to Pressure

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Have you ever been tempted to cut corners?

You've waited too so long for 'the promise' yet nothing seems to be happening.

Have you been mocked by people who felt that you were being quite slow/naive/foolish/dumb *insert other adjectives here* when you could easily find a quick solution to your problems.

Have you ever felt the pressure to just settle?

Well, I know someone who must have felt all that and probably a bit more. His name is Joseph and this particular incidence is quite popular. Indeed many times, reference is made to this story extolling his virtues of self-control, patience, discipline, integrity, loyalty and Godliness. You can read Genesis 39 for a full version of what happened between the slave Joseph and the wife of his master Potiphar (unfortunately, her name didn't get a notable mention)

However, I would like to imagine what Joseph's friends' reaction to his predicament would have been. Now remember, not many of them would have shared Joseph's sentiment nor faith. Joseph was special, he had been raised to know and respect the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Furthermore, he had a dream - not once but twice - about his imminent greatness. The only problem at the time was that his lofty dreams of grandeur put him in a low-life position garnished with a lot of trouble. From a favourable position, he became a slave in a foreign land. The dream seemed but a dream.

Now, something interesting happened. Something that he probably wouldn't have imagined or expected, something he definitely didn't plan. To many others, it might have seemed like part of God's plan, after all, all things work together for good...

His Master's wife was interested in him.. Not in his welfare or his development, no, like properly interested in him.. She could have borrowed the words of the popular song "Joey you should let me love you, let me be the one to, give you everything you want and need...") She made advances and unashamedly pursued with the simple request "lie with me".

I imagine Joey Joseph's colleagues and fellow slaves hearing about this 'golden opportunity' and patting him on the back, hailing him "You lucky boy, you! Your prayers have been answered! Indeed Your God is a great God!". "Do you know what it means to be the Madam's boy? We will all be at your service, bowing to you, treating you as the king of this place. You will be second Lord of the manor after Potiphar. We might even have to call you sir! See promotion! Please remember us in your kingdom ohh"

I can also imagine their surprise when he says that he won't be taking up the opportunity because of his faith

Foolish boy / Missed opportunity!
God wants to bless you and you are proving 'holier than God'
You will never get this opportunity in 2 lifetimes!
You will die a slave boy!
What is wrong with you? Everyone is doing it! How do you think X,Y,Z made it??
Just do it once or twice.. Get the favour.. She will move on after a while
She will kill you! How dare you say no!!
If it were me... Oh God! Give me this blessing

Sounds familiar?

You're not alone. Many times, the 'popular choice' goes against your faith and belief and sadly, many have yielded and missed their real blessings and God-ordained destinies.

Don't be one of the 'many'.

Like Joseph, dare to be different. Dare to stand on God's word and promises, dare to stand against pressures and provocations. Dare to represent the God that you serve. Dare to wait on Him for His best.

Joseph did, and even though the initial response must have been hellish, ultimately it was designed to lead him to God's promise for his life. He could have missed it if he jumped at what looked like an opportunity for greatness but was all shades of wrong according to God's standards. He could have missed it if he decided to settle for the known rather than wait for the unknown.

If you are there right now, wait... be patient... It will come. No matter how long it has taken, you are closer to getting it than before. God never fails.

No short-cuts, no settling, no yielding to pressure..

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  1. Thanks for this. I enjoy your written posts a lot and I have missed them.

  2. ...Been a while. A well timed encouragement & reminder
    GOD Bless you Ayo!

  3. I'm currently catching up on what I've missed here these past months :) Thanks for the reminder, Ayo! Never settle for less, no matter the pressure.

    1. Indeed, no settling sis! Never forget that. May God help us in Jesus name xx


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