Wednesday, 24 February 2016

To 'Test Drive' or Not? Let's Talk About Sex (Final Part)

Hiya everyone!

It's been really interesting doing the Let's Talk About Sex series. I am particularly grateful for the immense love and support I have received from beautiful people :-) I'm really really grateful!

Can you believe February is over? While January seemed to draggggggg on forever, February seemed to speed by! I hope you're ready for March? :-)

It's the month of Easter and Mother's Day - talk about a double dose of goodness.. Yayyyy!

Today's finale is another question that was asked - one that gets asked/debated about a lot!

"If I don't sleep with him/her, how would I know for sure that we are sexually compatible? And you know Ayo, sex is realllly really important in marriage!" 

Lol.. Yes I do understand, hopefully I'm able to answer your question properly in the video below:

Have a wonderful week people! Looking forward to March xxxx


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  1. " might know the person/ but people have the tendency to change..." @ least put the best foot forward during courtship- That's scary though the very thought of that commitment for the "REST" of ones life isn't joke!

    Trusting GOD absolutely who knows our innermost desire will make lines fall in places for us!

    Cool one & keep it up up the sky dear Ayo!

    1. Yes! He alone can make the lines fall for us in pleasant and perfect places :-)
      Thanks for that one dear. God bless you xx

  2. Thank you for this. God bless you

    1. Thanks to you too! I'm grateful. God bless you xx

  3. Oshey! Ayo of destiny! She be making plenRRy Sense since 19kokoro. iLikey :) You know yeah.. I always try to restrict my comments as regards this subject matter **Covers face in shyness.. But if there is anything I loooovvee about you and your Blog.. and i reiterate... "I looovvveeeee about you and your blog" ehn.. then eet eezz that you speak the truth from not just a Spirikoko perspective ehnn.. but from a Human Perspective as well. So this is small I saying thank you for being sincere all time every time 1+THE ONE.

    Omo ehnn.. What more can I say.. **Deep sigh.. It is well oh :) Blessings Bubba. xx

    1. Awwwww thanks Bubba! You rock in all shades of super!! Thanks for always stopping by. You are a blessing indeed.

      God bless you and yeah, please don't be shy lol.. Express yourself!! xx

  4. just watched....really cool and bold on the God thing. all thumbs up!!!

    1. Thank God St Rhymes! It's been a great experience! :-)


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