Tuesday, 11 August 2015

You are just the Carrier, the baby is Mine - Emma and Obi's Story

Hi beautiful people!

I am excited whenever I have the opportunity to watch, hear or read about God's Awesomeness!

Everyday, we get the opportunity to have a glimpse of just how GREAT God is - From the break of dawn, to the rising of the sun, to the clouds that fill up with rain that drops on the ground to produce a bountiful harvest and nurture life.

From the details of creation - the unique lines imprinted on the palms of every human being, to the beautiful crinkle that forms when you smile. From the numerous strands of hair on our head that differs in texture, strength, length and colour to the next person just as our DNA, as intricate, complex and detailed as it is, differs from the next.

God is great and there is NOTHING He cannot do.

Emma and Obi Anyadike
If you followed the Waiting and Loving It series, you would remember Emma and Obi who were one of the first couples we featured. You can read their story HERE.. What they might not have touched on at the time was the miracle of conception and birth of their first and only son at the time Noah.

Emma and Obi are now blessed with 2 very handsome sons and Emma recently shared her story of faith, belief (and moments of unbelief), hope and miracle of God's faithfulness. Please watch the video below, you would certainly be blessed:

Also, very recently, Emma and Obi dedicated their second son Zac at their church, the City Temple (Elim) in Swansea and they made this beautiful video to celebrate. It's a bit of a 'Music and Me' as well, as I would encourage you to please pay attention to the background song (words on screen). It's also one of Emma's favourite songs..

How beautiful indeed. I had tears in my eyes as I watched. May God continue to bless and keep Emma, Obi and their gorgeous boys in Jesus name.

My prayer for you is that if there is anything at all you are trusting and holding on to God for, He would do it for you. No matter what the facts and proof are pointing to. No matter what the doctors have said, no matter what society has said, no matter what precedent has been or history has proven, may God answer your prayers and grant you the desires of your heart as you trust in Him in Jesus name.

"For with God, nothing shall be impossible" - Luke 1:37

Lots of love xxxx


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  1. Is waiting and loving it making a comeback?

    1. We never left, just a break but the series will make 'appearances' now and again :-) Thanks for checking in xx

  2. God bless Ayo. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks but seems the hyperlinks to their story not working.

    1. Hello! I don't know why it's not coming up but I can see it on my laptop.. Here are the links though if you're still having trouble accessing it -

  4. Sometimes God do not need us to have faith to bless us. Even in unbelief and doubt, He still goes ahead to bless us. That's why he is God.
    Ayo God bless you for this piece. We love the music too!! Lol

    1. Amen! That's lovely! Indeed He is God and He is Sovereign.
      Thanks for stopping by! xx

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind words. Thanks Ayo for allowing us use your platform to minister

    1. The pleasure is mine. May God continuously be glorified through your testimony in Jesus name xx

  6. Ahan Nah Ayo.. You promised.. **Crying in Latin :(

    1. Bubba! God bless you DEEPLY and IMMENSELY!
      You don't know how much of an encourager you are to me but may God reward you mightily in Jesus name.
      Thanks hun xx


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