Monday, 25 August 2014

What is your Marriage/Relationship Mission Statement?

... That was one of the best things I learnt from The Convo on Saturday - Having a Marriage/Relationship mission statement.

So good people reading this blog, you know I attended a fabulous event over the weekend right?

From The Convo with love!
It was The Convo with Tobi Atte, the first edition in Lagos (I say the first because I hope that there will be many more subsequent editions)...

So before the day (Saturday the 23rd of August), I had been giddy with excitement and absolutely looking forward to it! I had seen pictures and videos from past events in America and I am also a keen follower of Tobi Atte's blog And of course, not to forget that he and his wonderful wife Roseline-Bukky were the first couple to be featured on the Waiting and Loving It series!! You can imagine my enthusiasm!!

So my gorgeous and fab friend Miss FunmiB was gracious enough to stop by on her way, to pick me up and our mutual excitement was soo real! Haha

The fabulous Ms FunmiB and I setting out! :-D
We got to the beautiful Nike Art Gallery - a great venue choice! Very very beautiful and the ambiance was just on point! We were welcomed with Hors d'oeuvres aka small chops as promised and it was a great opportunity to chat with such lovely people! I was excited to meet friends that I had made via blogsville, in person and also the winner of the Blog-giveaway, the lovely Damilola Oseni and her date Seun!

The lovely Damilola Oseni and Seun!
The Convo kicked off with our smooth and debonair host aka Bukky's Suga Suga, Mr Tobi Atte introducing himself and the event. He was sure ready for Lagos!
I learnt so many things and a lot of what he said gave me food for serious thought. It was practical enough for me to actually evaluate my relationships and nod (you know that kind of deep nod when that word is for you, ehen that kind) at different points of his very engaging presentation. It helped a lot that he infused his presentation with visual aids, videos and a very good sense of humour!

The amazing host of The Convo - Mr Tobi Atte
Now, I know that some people are waiting to get the details of what he said but errr nah! You should have been there (hehehe.. Self-content laugh *that is not very Christian in nature*).. I will just share a few 'pregnant' statements that should make you take a moment to digest (aka Selah)..

- People will treat you as good as they know how to, not as good as what you are worth. (The end of that relationship? It really wasn't you, it was the limitation in their capacity to love or vice versa)

- True love is not always about receiving love, it's about increasing your capacity for love

- Have a Marriage/Relationship mission statement. (What would you like it to look like? Also, review it often - This one was one of my favourites)

- Being unequally yoked could be two people who are good, but not right for each other (*Nod*)

- If you want God's best, you have to be God's best!!!!

- If you want me, earn me! (Oh I love this one :-D)

- Marriage is service, it's ministry. If you are not ready for ministry/service, don't get married!

... And on and on I was enriched! I couldn't possibly give you full details of what and how it was communicated but if you weren't there, I can summarise it in 2 words - YOU MISSED!!

Post-event Selfie :-)
PS When blogger and winners of The Big Nigerian Wedding, SisiYemmie and her very amiable husband Bobo walked in, one of the things I remember crossing my mind was that it's a great idea to continue attending events like this even after marriage.. There's always something new to learn or to re-learn/refresh. I plan to do that by God's grace.
As a married couple, build each other up, read those books you read in preparation for marriage together often, listen to those messages again, re-do the Love language test, make sure that you are refreshing your marriage and breathing new life and information into it again and again!

Thank you for a wonderful event Tobi and Bukky Atte, God bless you richly and increase His grace upon your lives to continue to greatly affect the lives of many across the world.

Connect! Connect!! Connect!! With Tobi Atte/Ijustmetme
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PPS My weekend was FULL! I met the wonderful Atilola Moronfolu of and African Naturalistas fame at a separate event over the weekend as well.. It was so surreal!! lol.. I was thinking in my mind - So this is THE Atilola lol (Even though externally I was tryna keep my cool and all haha).. One word Power-house! I look forward to more meetings Atilols *I can call you that now right?* lol

Have a wonderful week people! xx


  1. Okay yes i agree i missed *tears*

  2. I just came here to thank you for your vivid summary! Many good points, eg this marriage as service idea etc. I also like your pointer to the "marriage refreshments"; that is true, we do tend to think that once the knot has been tied that we can finally burn all these marriage books, delete our accountability partner's number and now do everything our own way, but we humans constantly need reminders, even of things we already learnt.

    Indeed we missed, thanks for making us aware lol xD

  3. Awwww, I see me in your blogpost,
    I've always been a silent reader & it was so good to see you!
    I enjoyed the event, just that I wish he had a more structured question and answer segment!
    I love your blog by the way, Girls that love Jesus rock big time!

  4. Thanks for sharing these tid bits with us! Sounds like it was a very interesting session; Great food for thought take aways.

    That's lovely you got to meet fellow bloggers, must have been a great experience.

  5. @Chantel *hug*.. There's going to be a 'next time' dear xx
    @Sebs, lol.. At your service sir!
    @Anonymous, Awww! Which are you in the picture! lol Thanks for supporting 'silently'.. I appreciate you much.. Yes, there could have been a more structured Q&A session.. I guess the format was more informal ie questions as he presented. But I do agree, for the next event, sufficient time for questions is critical (I'm sure Tobi is reading this too) Thanks hun xx
    @HF, It was a great event indeed and it was sooo wonderful meeting everyone in person too!! xx

  6. I see me right there on top! Yay!

    Meeting you was part of what made the day for me... And meeting Damy too (she was just too fast in winning that ticket,lol)

    And I love Tobi's interpretations and views, so real!

    I agree with the Q/A segment for next time (and obviously hope there'd be another CONVO)


  7. Wow great points. Definitely something to think of. How do u hear about seminars like this in lag? I wont mind things that are so enriching to attend when I am in lag o. I am guessing you are the lady in blue?I have a cousin for you;) Everyone looked beautiful.

  8. Now i confirm what Atiola Said about you........Oh Girls who love God are really On POINT...:))))

  9. Thanks for sharing what you learnt, very good pointers there. You looked beautiful Ayo. Be blessed.


  11. Awwwww I wish I was there. Thanks for the pointers

  12. @Debby, yayy! It was greater meeting you too dear.. You're such a lovely person!
    @UG, Aww, I often mention these events on the blog/Twitter/Facebook// Please look out for the next one! I cannot hoard important info at all! Lol @your cousin, thanks a lot :-)
    @Ugo, Hi5! It's the GOD in us - He makes all the difference!
    @Sharon, thanks dear. I learnt so much from the day!
    @Florence... Awww *gives reassuring hug* - There would be more to come by God's grace! xx

  13. Aww. Sorry Ify.. Hopefully he should be coming back soon! xx

  14. Thanks Ayo for sharing what you took away from the convo...I look forward to be on the next.
    I missed o *sobs*

  15. Ayo, you really look beautiful and I am sure, fun to be with, what with your beautiful smile and your effort to make everyone feel special. Thanks for the summary. Three points "ministered" to me (1) People will treat you as good as they know how to, not as good as what you are worth. (The end of that relationship? It really wasn't you, it was the limitation in their capacity to love or vice versa) (2)Being unequally yoked could be two people who are good, but not right for each other (3) Marriage is service, it's ministry. If you are not ready for ministry/service, don't get married! Thats why great & experienced men like Pastor Adeboye say that "marriage is not for boys". Again, thank you and more anointing

  16. I didn't hear about the event until that haff pain me taya meaning o dun mi...*sad face*. I hope and pray there's a next one and Ayo you are fiiiinnnneeeee.... Trust you don't want to know the picture I had of you in my head. And I won't tell you *straight face*

  17. @Grace, you're more than welcome hun... Really glad to share! xx
    @Anonymous, amen! Thank you very much for your comment. I am really grateful and glad that you were able to pick very important lessons! God bless you :-) xx
    @Moby, Hahahaha! Please please spill! I am like what 'vibe' do I give on the blog..

  18. Aww,I see me tew:) @Debby lol@ d ticket*wink wink* Twas so nice to meet u too and Francess:)
    Yes o @ Moby she is a beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy with such an amazing personality!! I can't even describe! It was a pleasure to meet you dear! had a refreshing time. Very insightful & deep truths with lots of food for thought to reflect and work on/through. I totally agree with you on the head nod. Kudos to Tobi Atte.we look forward to CONVO season2 already:) Many thanx Ayo. God bless you richly!

  19. Kai. It was nice seeing you. Confession: I was trying not to over-stare at you. My initial scream when I laid my eyes on you must have got my mum thinking 'Ki lon seleyi to fi n pariwo?' lol.

    So yes o. This is the Atilola. Tiny gril, with wahala personality, lol. *muah*

    Oya, gaaannn reply my mails jo.

    P.S: It is, not

  20. Thanks for giving these tips, cause seriously, the deep words I heard from Tobi are just so much, I don't even know what to write on..peeps should just have attended for themselves, that's all I can say.
    And twas so niceeeee to meet you and all others, you all made the event more amazing! Truly!

  21. @Dami!!!Aww, *kisses*.. I had a great time and meeting was very lovely! My regards to Seun too!! :-)
    @ilola, LOL.. It was too exciting mehn and I had just had to be a bit restrained and formal lool.. Thank God we shall see again!!

    @Frances.. You got that right!! Deep insights and meeting you and everyone else just made it extra extra!!

  22. Wow, I cannot believe I have been away for so long. @1+the One, I'm just seeing this, you know! Wow. I had a whole lot of fun that day and look forward to more. God bless you sis for share this with us.
    And I was definitely glad to be your chauffeur that day.

    1. Awww Sis!! *mwah mwahhhh*.. Where have you been? Great to have you back!! For some reason, I'm onlu just seeing your comment!
      Thank you thank you for that day. It was a pleasure sharing it with you Kisses x 1000000 xxxxx


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