Monday, 2 December 2013

Still waiting...

Have you ever wondered - "Lord, why is it taking so long??". Well, I know what that feels like.

My friend came to visit me today. She just got married and she also made the statement above many times before marriage. I saw it, I heard it and I joined her praying fervently for the manisfestation of God's promise.

When God showed up, He showed up BIG!

We shared today as usual and it encouraged me even more.. God never fails.. No matter how long it takes, He always delivers at the right time. And when He does, you forget what it felt like to ask the question above..

Don't despair, God is still working xxxx

PS, Patience Lord, I pray for patience for your best xx


  1. Soooooooooo Truueeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
    Ah my God is awesome.

  2. God is never too late,He is always on time.
    Patience,patience and Grace to wait for the beautiful things that come in His time,Amen.

  3. @InThe, sometimes words don't cut it.
    @Cassandra, He is.. Very very awesome!
    @Frances, Amen.. You're right, He is never late
    @Tommie, GREAT is His faithfulness
    Thanks ladies xx

  4. Your testimony will be soon to come. I've discovered that the wait is a process to prepare and mature me. The opportunity for me to get ready (attitude, domestically, spiritually, etc.) It is my season and I'm ready.

  5. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Nice encouraging post!

  6. Waiting is difficult, but God remains faithful.

  7. He is indeed, ever faithful.

  8. ((hugs and kisses))....This song came to my mind by Mary Mary "I just cant give up now, I've come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me, the road would be easy and I DONT BELIEVE HE'S BROUGHT ME THIS FAR TO LEAVE ME"

  9. @thislagosgirl.. God is ever faithful..
    @HF, Amen! I agree with you.. May God's perfect work in us be done in Jesus name xx
    @Missy Tee, He sure does! xx
    @ilola, It's not easy at all.. But we have an excellent hope in Jesus :-)
    @MW, You can say that again! Nice to see your comment :-) xx
    @HD Receiving hugs and kisses and sending double right back.. Thanks for that encouraging reminding.. Indeed this journey with God is a forever one.. xx


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