Thursday, 5 December 2013

Aku'm - that must be a heavenly term right?

I'm sorry I have to ask that question for all my Ibo-speaking friends but I'll sure appreciate it if you could tell me the meaning of the term.

You see, that term has been made very popular by a wonderful, delightful, bubbly, friendly, encouraging, unique human being I had the GOOD pleasure of meeting in the course of this blog-journey.


When I think of people like her, I thank God for the priceless opportunity of being a member of the blog-community.

I remember the first time I reallly started to take a keen interest in getting to know this woman of God well, when she wrote a post on her blog with the very dramatic title "Just In Case I Stopped Blogging" HERE (That threat-title was enough to throw her fans into a mini state of frenzy lol) where she dedicated a post to acknowledging and publicly affirming other people's blogs that she read. I got introduced to so many other amazing bloggers through that post and I am very grateful for that. However, what struck me the most was how this bundle of joy with a good excellent name celebrated other people!

When I explored her other posts further, I discovered that it wasn't a 'one-off'.. She did it regularly, and with such gusto too! Here I found a beautiful woman who knew how to celebrate others without holding back or feeling threatened that she was sharing attention or blog-readers with them! I love the way she always has something lovely to say about her friends, her CHURCH and PASTORS (Biko who doesn't know this babe's PK, PM, Rev and his wife and DCC??!).. Who doesn't know Booski and Sapphire? lol..
       albert_oduwole                  image


I have soooo many things to write about this lady with a beautiful heart, but the main purpose of this post is to celebrate this virtuous woman who finally got married to her 'Aku'm' on Saturday the 30th of November as detailed HERE..
image  image

Now let me tell you my fascination with the word Aku'm.. The way this woman describes/talks about/is excited about her Aku'm.. hmmm I think the meaning must be heavenly as in odikwa very serious! There is no doubt at all that there's passion and a lot of love there. And she is quick to remind all that her Aku'm is God-sent and deserving of all the praise..


I dare say that Aku'm is indeed a blessed and highly favoured man to have been blessed with such a woman! A W.O.M.A.N!

Mrs Eziaha Olojo aka E aka E-licious of!! I pray that God will continue to keep you and your Aku'm and that your love will grow day by day. I pray that as the bible says, two is better than one therefore you have entered into a season of 'better' and BEST things in Jesus name. May you enjoy marriage, may God be gracious to you and your home and may you always be a living testimony of the mighty power and faithfulness of God..

E, you ROCK! Thanks for being a super encourager! 


Happy married life and here's your Team V alumni badge hehehe


PS E's Aku'm has promised her a gift if she hits 100 comments on a post on her blog! (An encourager married to an encourager... God is good ey?).. So please help get E that special gift by commenting HERE and HERE! - 2 for the price of 1 lol.. She's almost there as there are over 95comments on the first one already.. YayyY!

PS, E, this post is probably one of the longest I've written with the most amount of pictures as well!! What can I say.. It had to have your style stamp :-D)


  1. Awwww!!!so cute ...running to her blog now

  2. Thanks my dearest Sayedero! Trust me, you would love her and her blog!
    Please don't forget to comment too! xx

  3. heading time...she'sgotta win it!

  4. Lol.. HD. You're just too much! Thanks xxxx

  5. The best part about this post has to be the fact that you made an effort. I mean, the pictures. Wow. I love all the pictures you used and how you used em. This post is dropping with the E'flava yo .
    Thanks sweetie.
    I mean who does this for some one they are yet to meet?
    I feel really fabulous reading this.
    5 billion stars yo
    Where did you even get some of the pictures nne?
    Twale yo
    Honeydame and sayodero you guys are sugar sweet. 1plusTheOne needs to be careful, I just might steal you two o
    NW, you know where we meet na... lol. Love love girl
    Nkay yup. My treasure. It literally translates to' my wealth' but my treasure cuts it for me jor. Gosh I treasure the dude. Esp more now with all the 'holy n rapturable" things going on in the moon right now............................ And that is all I would be saying on the matter.
    Thanks for celebrating me darling. I like to reiterate that I am fertile ground so
    May men always find cause to celebrate you and with you darling.
    Just appropriated my V ALUMNUS badge. Nay trophy. Twale to Aku m. With two hands and one leg like a true gidi babe........ lol
    Thanks again darling.
    Love love love all the way

  6. A post truly deserved ...and dripping in E's style with plenty pictures!
    I Love her blog and agree she is really really amazing.
    Yup,you can't 'be around' E and not know who PK,PM,Rev and DCC refer to... hahaha
    Lovely congrats E'.

  7. @NW, :-) Thanks xx
    @Nk, Thanks!.. It's clear that he is truly her treasure
    @E, I have to give you respect for your posts, it took me over an hour to source for pictures lol.. Hahaha @holy and rapturable things.. please enjoy hun, the time is right!! Twale to you and Aku'm, God bless you! Lovee ya! xxxx
    @Tamie, you can say that again! The girl is too much! xx

  8. PS.. Tamie of Atilola 'Guess the blogger' series... Hmmmm I shall hold my peace :-P... But yeah, how are we going to start sharing the credit now?
    PS if you haven't been following the series, what have you been up to?! Join here xx

  9. Awhhh, this is soooo first time to comment here but I just had to now as an E'Faber. God bless you 1 + the One, gotta rush off, duty calls!!! ++

  10. @Ify, Welcome! Thanks a lot for making a comment! And yeah, E makes us do things.. She's fab like that! haha.. Hope you have a wonderful day (and week!) xxxx

  11. Yippee!! @ Last E married her 'Aku'm' maybe she'll now cool down small,and stop making us dat don't have 'aku'm' 2 be jealous. #hehehehe. Talking abt us dat don't have aku'm,can somebody pls talk 2 us? Teens I mean. I've spent nearly half an hour looking for a blog dat talks 2 teens,I found NOTHING!!! I'm not talking abt fashion blogs oh! They're millions of dem,I mean talking to us based on the WORD!!! I mean,its cool and all knowing how sweet marriage can be,and how wonderful marrying right is(trust me,PM makes dat statement in almost every post)and we'll certainly share our story wen we get there!! Buh now? That's so nt our problem right now!! So if someone could PLEASE talk to us,or 2 me at least on dis troubling teen age,I would be so grateful!!!!!

  12. Congrats,congrats,congratulobia to her and her Aku'm


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