Monday, 4 November 2013

I just called to say.. Thank you!

I know a single-mother family who are experiencing a difficult time at the moment. I sent some things to them as a show of love and I had even forgotten about it when I got a phone call from the mum. Initially I thought she was calling to acknowledge the items but she called to say that oh when her daughter is coming home, I should send some money through her.. Now, I am quite close to her so this request was not out of place, however I still felt a bit upset.. Like not even a thank you! Just a request for more things!

IMMEDIATELY that thought crossed my mind, I got a gentle 'nudge' in my mind that "that's how I feel too when you do the same".. And I paused.

HOW many times have I received the 'small' and big blessings of God without acknowledging it, instead I bombard Him with more requests because I feel that ALL my needs are not yet met?

YOU see in recent times, I feel I've been told off by God for my attitude of ingratitude. I was a feeling a bit low a few weeks back and I just focused on ALL the things that weren't right in my life at the moment + the requests that I had made that hadn't been granted.. yet. And so, I nagged God and complained - probably not overtly, but He could hear my complaints in my sadness, in my sighs, in my feeling sorry for myself, in my unwillingness to get excited in church when it was time to say thank you.. I was just a spoilt little ungrateful chit!

I forgot the fact that earlier this year, I made a move that only His grace made a way for me.. And make a way HE did! I forgot the countless favour He has bestowed on me! I forgot how I have had food to eat every single day this year.

I frowned that I don't have a car and the cost of transportation made it seem like I was working for the cabmen but I forgot to thank Him for legs to walk and provisions to afford it. I complained about the fact that I was still single and felt alone on occasions and I forgot to thank Him for the toasters that come my way and that the land is not dry (lol).. I complained that today "I really feel like eating Chinese food in a nice restaurant but I don't have the money *sob sob*" that I forgot to thank Him for all the fancy restaurants He has enabled me eat at in my years on this earth lol..

I forgot so easily, so quickly or perhaps, I didn't even think them 'relevant' enough.. All I wanted was more, more and more...

AN ungrateful heart finds it difficult to receive more.. A person who knows how to show gratitude holds a powerful key in his/her hands.. Doors remain open for you1

IT'S a reminder again folks.. Do you appreciate the 'little' things or would you rather just keep demanding more and more and more without taking a minute to say "Thank You, I appreciate you sooo much"

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Your little girl's saying thank You Daddy! I truly really appreciate you, with sprinkles on top! *kisses*


  1. This was just what I needed! Sometimes we get so carried away by the tides of life that we lose sight of the little blessings that litter our path each day. Great post

  2. So on point. Good self reflection and reminder that there is Always somehting to be thankful for.

  3. "Ti omo ba dupe ore ano a ri emi gba" .. a greatful heart is a happier heart too... I am glad u shared this

  4. this really resounded with me. I really tend to treat God like a generous genie....

  5. Wow, I was all ready to be angry on your behalf about the mum not even thanking you before requesting for more! You're very good :) Thanks for the reminder, post hit home so well

  6. @air-mecca, Welcome! Thanks for your comment.. Yes, sadly we do.. May God help us
    @HF, yes it is..
    @@Abi Tobi, Thank you very much.. I am learning to cultivate a 'grateful habit'
    @Naijawife.. As in serious generous genie.. Just keep rubbing dey go!
    @YG, Lol.. Even me, if you see my minute of righteous indignation! Until, I was subdued by my own deep attitude of ingratitude... I am still learning..
    Thanks everyone for your comments xx

  7. Men, I am convicted by your conviction. Lol.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Baba God, I am thankful too.......

  9. @ilola! Thanks ma'am xx
    @Sykik, forever grateful! xx

  10. Very true!
    The lack of gratitude to God is one I av to check myself against evryday cuz truly,His blessings r too numerous for me to complain abt d seemingly unanswered ones that could even be blessings in disguise.thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks Frances, you are right.. God's mercies are unending!


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