Saturday 5 January 2013

Dare to Dream Again....!

So.. at the beginning of this year I wasn't that excited.. Is that the right word?? Probably, un-optimistic is better suited to how I would describe the way I was feeling..

I usually say that I am a 'forever optimist' by the grace of God.. because of my faith and belief in God I always believe that things could only get better and I was Miss Positive. Positive outlook, positive confessions, positive attitude et al..

However, when I think about how 'positive' I was at the beginning of 2012 and how things did not quite (putting it mildly) turn the way I expected, I was a bit more cautious to dream dreams!

I am a dreamer you see... I day-dream, night-dream, morning-dream, night-dream.. All kinds and manner of dreaming! And I always believe that irrespective of what the circumstance may be, it will all be well amazing in the end!

So, when people started saying "Oh, I just believe that 2013 will be a special year!" "I feel something in the air" "Oh this is my year - One, I'm getting married this year!" "One, I'm starting that business this year, I can seee it!".. I nodded with encouragement and hoped for the best.. I was thinking how can I also say all this wonderful things when those I said before hasn't quite materialised? Let God just have mercy.. I was like "Lord, I'm at your mercy.. Oh Lordy Lord!"...

But then, as I studied the word and listened to people around me, I just kept getting it - It's not time to give up now.. It impresses Me (God) when you have unstinting faith that I can do stuff despite what it looks like now... As long as you keep holding on and don't give up, surely EVERYTHING you have been asking/waiting on will come to pass..

And then God reminded me that sometimes, you need to recognise the fact that you ought to be grateful just because you are still standing! You are still here! You have people who are willing to hold you up! You have a hope! You have a future! My plans for you haven't changed! In the midst of it all, I NEVER left you once... infact I built you up.. I am 'fine-tuning you.. I am moulding you and preparing you for greatness! (THANK YOU JESUS!)

And so, the word I got was 'One, don't stop dreaming.. Infact dream again!'.

Just like a girl or guy who has been broken-hearted, trusting again or starting a new relationship and learning to trust again could be one of the most difficult things.. But strength lies in the fact that you are willing to pick yourself up and try again..

In the same vein, after broken/unfulfilled dreams, after disappointments, the best thing you can do for yourself and to the delight of the One who makes dreams come through is to dream again.. In fact dream BIGGER..

Did you fail in 2012? Did you not excel at what you started? Were you disappointed in 2012? Are you far from where you thought you ought to be now?

Let me share this with you.. It's time to dream again.. And please, dream bigger! And let the one who makes dreams come through, make it come to pass for you!

It will surely come to pass..

With lots of love and eagerly awaiting your stories from 2013 (even before the year runs out!)

1 + The One xxxxx


  1. Thank u for these words, this post is all about me, am a dreamer, every year I am always having dreams that things will turn out the way I want,even if they don't, still I don't give up, on till last year, even when the year was almost ending positivity was still in me, until I suffered an irreplaceable lost, that was when I gave up, so on the first day of this year, not one single dream I have, but after going thru this post my dreams and hope are coming back. I pray God completes this process of restoration in my life and God bless you too.

  2. thanks for this encouraging words

  3. @Tayo... I say amen to prayers - may God complete your process of restoration. I'm very grateful for your comment. I'm glad that you choose not to give up.. God's restoration and compensation always surpasses what was lost.. I'm really sorry about your irreplaceable loss and I hope that you rise and rise again! <3
    @aloted thanks, God is faithful :-)


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