Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A good man is not a myth!

Oh I am surrounded by such amazing people!

My friends have the most amazing boyfriends / fiances / husbands..

I tell you the truth!

Men who are willing to go the extra extra mile to be good to them! Men whose love for them is founded on the love they have for Christ, making it so sacrificial it's almost unreal.

Men for whom kindness is an everyday gesture and has become a force of habit. Men who openly respect them and the people they hold dear.

Men who take on their problems as if it were theirs. Men who take them SERIOUSLY!

I am sharing this because sometimes we are overwhelmed with negative stories of men and it seems like the 'good ones are not yet born'... And you are almost tempted to just settle and go with the one at hand..

Here's just an encouragement - good men are real (honest! lol - I see them, I know them lol).. And yours is round the corner and by God's grace he will find you (soon!)

Of course, relationships have issues, and the best of man is still... man BUT these men are MEN :-D

Have you got a good man? Celebrate him! (Too many negative stories going around) Don't hide it, let other ladies know that it is possible to be with a man who is kind, who cherishes and loves you - all of you!


  1. This is so true! So many NEGATIVE stories about men. Mother are even teaching their daughters to settle and "manage"...God forbid bad thing! THank you for sharing this. We really tend to forget! God gives His children only special gifts...if we wait.
    Remain blessed!


  2. Yes Funbi! I pray that God will gove us the grace to wait patiently for His best... Your husband and mine will be totally wonderful! :-D xx


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