Thursday, 11 October 2012

In need of a Miracle?

Miracle: An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and is held to be supernatural in origin r an act of God (

I don't know if you believe in miracles, but I DO! God does miracles. 'Big', 'small', 'medium'.. He does them.

Many people have tried to take the glory from Him by terming it a "coincidence", a "mistake that was not detected", "mis-diagnosis" etc But one thing I know is that it was God and only GOD!

(read my lips or watch me type) HE IS A MIRACLE-WORKING GOD!

God works on a day to day basis, it's either we fail to recognise it or sometimes very comfortable with the available physical resources or sometimes 'managing' the situation. But I tell you, God desires that you and I have life and have it in abundance (John 10:10). He is still working! You can go back to Him and ask Him for yours! Don't be satisfied with average, be hungry for more and let God in His awesomeness fill that hunger.

I want to share what happened to someone I know recently and I believe that it will touch somebody, encourage your faith in this mighty God and believe in Him for your miracle. God says in His word, All things are possible to all who believe (Mark 9:23)... Including that 'impossible' situation!

Let's call her Divine.
So Divine had been dealing with this protracted illness for so long. It had to do with her womb and there seemed to be no way out. She always fell ill and had multiple Doctor appointments. Eventually the Doctor said that in order to prevent her developing cancer, the only solution was to have a hysterectomy ie take out her (uterus) womb. Implication being that Divine will be unable to conceive naturally. Meanwhile, Divine is a young lady and not yet married.

It was a very difficult decision to make but in order for her to prevent something even more fatal, she had to consider having it done, hoping against hope for the best. Now, the date for this had been fixed. A day to this procedure, she raised a prayer request at her Home Cell Group, a simple prayer was said and everyone prayed that God will intervene (in fact most of the prayer point was that God make it successful, let there be no complications etc).

Well, we serve a God who does beyond our expectations, beyond what we can ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). The next day as she was being wheeled to the theatre, they did the routine pre-operation scan and to the Doctor's amazement, he saw nothing.. Yes, you read that right, NOTHING! He was very surprised to say the least. He exclaimed saying "this is not what we saw the last time!" and immediately, Divine said "God has done it!"... He asked her to repeat her statement and she said it "God has done it!".. He said well whatever you believe in, hold on to it! She got up and walked out of the hospital in floods of tears.. God just changed her life! And HE turned it around from something that would have changed her life in another terrible way to a miracle!

This happened about a fortnight ago in a very good British Hospital where things are checked meticulously and where they try to avoid having operations on the National Health Service (NHS) - so the Doctors must have been certain that they saw something that had to be removed. The Doctor saw one thing weeks before but GOD corrected it in His own wonderful way! We call Him" the Surgeon who operates without spilling blood!"... The Balm in Gilead, The Mighty Healer, The Jehovah Rapha, The One that has the FINAL say, the MIRACLE worker, the same God yesterday, today and forever!

I tell you, God works, the bible says that there is NOTHING impossible for Him to do, if HE could part the red sea to make a way for His children, your case is too small. If HE could bring out water from a rock, how difficult can your issue be? If HE could send down manna from heaven? What is it that you are asking for? If HE could raise Lazarus from the dead after 3 days! What situation is too hopeless for Him to sort out?

I can tell you countless experience of miracles from a personal point of view and even from others.. You can even read more in Aloted's account here and here

God is able to do ALL things, do you believe right now? Then hold on TIGHTLY to Him for that expectation



  1. The miracle working God!!! At the mention of that name J.E.S.U.S, every knee HAS to bow! Thank you for this reminder 1+ The One! xoxo

  2. this is an awesome testimony oooooo 1+1. see me muttering and amazed at such miracle
    yes o, he's the physician without any degree and the surgeon who performs surgery without spilling blood cos that blood has been spilled years ago and by his stripes, we have been healed.
    praise God

  3. this is very timely.. and encouraging. thank God for miracles and i thank as i continue to believe in him for more!

  4. Praise God! I would be a FOOL not to believe in miracles because he has done sooo much in my life. I sooo rejoice with Divine. Let her go forth and multiply ( at the right time with the right person of course :-) ) because God has indeed done it! I can only imagine the “conk” God glorifying names her kids will have…hehe

  5. Yes oh! God is a MIRACLE working GOD! :-D
    Welcome angelsbeauty and Creative Works (I believe it's your first time commenting here xx)


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