Tuesday 30 October 2012

Cleaning out the Closet...

*Hoovering the dust*
**Side note: But One, this is getting kinda old! *sheepish smile*

Hiya everyone.. It's been a while..

So I was reading an article on Myne Whitman's page here about who gets to keep the engagement ring after a breaking off of the engagement?
The comments were quite interesting but majority of the people supported the fact that it should be returned to the guy since he probably bought it.

Now, I have never been engaged so I don't know what I would do, I guess probably return it to the individual but also I have come to realise that it may also depend on how the engagement ended...

Now, I want to ask as well, after the end of a relationship, do you return the gifts ie the ones that are quite significant and/or expensive?

When I was going out with HOG, one of the great things he used to do very well was give gifts - very nice and poignant ones.
In the past, I haven't had any qualms about using an ex's gifts after breaking up but this one is kinda a bit different and I have been wondering what to do.. To keep? To continue using? To discard? To give out? To sell?

So he loves jewellery a lot and I got a few from him. One of the first gifts he got me was this expensive friendship bracelet which he had a similar type.
On our 'first week anniversary' he gave me a nice Swarovski necklace that had some kind of significance (there was some explanation involved)
He also got a matching ring over Christmas (not engagement) but another thing we had in common, as well as a nice watch.
On another occasion, he got me another nice necklace

So, a while after we broke up, I stopped wearing these things cause:
1. They were quite personal
2. I saw him a few times and I didn't want him to see me wearing them (*covers face*)

Thing is sometimes, I think "What's the big deal, they are mine now" and other times I'm like why are you still holding on to these things.

I have been tempted to sell them (££ hehe) or give them away or give them back.. But I have some reservations about thse options.

At the moment, they are just lying in a box on my bedside table and I'm thinking 'what a waste!'

So what do you think, to keep, to give back, to give away or to make some money? :-)



  1. I think you should sell. Even if we ended amicably, i'm not even sure current boo will like seeing things like such particularly when there's a lot of personal history attached. I don't think you should give back since i'm sure you gave him some stuff too.

  2. Make that money!!! loool....only because ur next bf might not like u wearing what ur ex gave u....

  3. Give it back...dnt keep..cos most def,memories will come rushing back whenever u see dm and u need to move on and detach urself...and wen God sends his will,I dnt think he'll like to see dt either..

  4. Keep it!!! If not for anything then for the memories. I once gave out stuff from the ex.. As in everything. Guess what? I and next person still broke up. Ended up wishing that I hadn't.
    At the end of the day it boils down to choice. Just make sure it is entirely your choice and not because someone or some people made you do it.

  5. not sure about this one, part of me says keep, the other part says discard! I guess it deopends on how much the gifts mean to you! Do you have 2 minds about keeping gifts from guys you wouldn`t touch with a 10 foot pole even if they were the last men on earth
    it really does boil down to what the gifts mean to you as someone has already alluded to!
    if you feel good about keeping them, then keep!!! if bot i`m sure you know what to do!!!
    love your blog posts btw as a fellow naija girl, you`re keeping it real sister!

  6. Please keep them ie is if they don't affect you emotionally in anyway. I've never understood the need to throw out a perfectly good item just cos things ended with the giver.

    I keep and still use all my wonderful gifts...never affected me a day. Then again maybe cos i never have really bad break-ups.

    Per engagement rings tho', i prob would return that regardless of who ended things. The ring was a promise to something that will no longer happen.

  7. What about giving it out to people as bday gifts etc?

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  9. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    I decided to keep the items and started wearing them again as 1) I don't have a boo yet so no one to get jealous and 2) I like them jo lol (Plus it's been a while so not so sentimental about them - ok maybe just a little) lol
    I appreciate your comments and a huge welcome to all those who are commenting / visiting for the first time! xxxx

  10. Oh and thanks a lot Dappy, I will send you an email :-) xx

  11. Oh, just to let you know, I decided to keep them and start wearing them again! I kinda figured that they were gifts, he wasn't asking for them back (I don't think he would ever do that!)..
    When I meet the new man, if he doesn't like it, I will take it off and discard but as for now.. what can I say, they look pretty :-D xx


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