Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Memoirs of an ageing Young-y

I have blogged so many times in my head... If only there was ever such a thing as "mental" blogging... fantastica! As I go about my day I see or notice something that I think "Oh I definately need to blog about that" Infact, I already start with the intro and all but sadly that's where it all ends...

Unfortunately this is true about some ideas/dreams that we have - They start and end in our minds.. ...
If only we could buy and sell/trade/engage in business/write novels/talk to that person/say I'm sorry/say I Love you, in and through our minds.. How wonderful would that be!

My body feels as though it has been dragged through a grinding mill, why? well beacuse I jumped and threw my hands in the air -a la concert style- for all of about 30mins yesterday... I was saying to my friends, "Oh my, I think I'm getting old! (or maybe just plain unfit)" In the past, I was usually called to be at the fore-front of such craziness and I gleefully led such (excruciating) aerobics display but this time 'round, a younger (and more fit/lithe/slim) individual was asked to lead the jumping and flaying of hands!

I didn't feel bad/neglected about it but it made me realise a few home-truths:

1. There's always going to be a younger person
2. I would not be young forever
3. Enjoy your glory days for no matter how much you think they would last forever something always happens - AGE, that's what! (Ask Elizabeth Taylor {sadly, I even had to google her to remember her last name})
4. Achieve as much as you can today, tomorrow do even more and next week, break all past personal records.

This is not to scare, frighten or make you hate growing up, rather I hope it makes you appreciate today more, the drive, energy and strength you have at each stage of your life.. for it's there for a purpose - to be used in the measure it's been given. As a youngster remember to dance hard, play hard, laugh hard, work hard, pray hard, serve God hard, pursue and work towards your dream hard... In doing that, you lay for yourself a foundation to ensure that there wouldn't be room for regrets and "what ifs" later in life... Enjoy every moment and stage as it ought to be..

So that when you are 60 and you see a teenager dancing like there's no tomorrow, you would only smile and say.. "allow him/her it's their time, I remember when I was his/her age.." without any bitterness or grudge...

So that when you are 75, you can proudly look back on your achievements and fruits of your hard work.

So that when you are 90 you can be celebrated by the world and the youngsters strive to display their energy before you (Ask Nelson Mandela {I didn't have to google him :-)

God bless xx


  1. lol are you sure you didn't google nelson..

    We sure should enjoy every moment as it ought to be..

    nice post

  2. I certainly dont want to be resentful of young ppl when Im old, by God's grace. Its good to reind ourselvs of these things.

  3. It's like you were talking to me! Those who know me well know that I'm TERRIFIED about getting old..thanks for this. How are you, sweetie?

  4. i am scared of growing old..
    Buut weall must
    Nice post

  5. this surely got me thinking...cuz sometimes i get resentful of younger people..but its not their fault I am getting older abi?

    I have to spend my time wisely. i want to grow well gracefully

  6. lol, thanks for your comments guys....don't we all wanna stay young! I remember when I was younger, I couldn't WAIT to be an adult, and now....erhm... it has it's k-leg lol... but thank God for getting old. Borrowing the wisdom of Cameron Diaz, When we stop growing, it implies one thing, one has died...
    So, live and grow xx


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