Friday 8 May 2009

Allow me to Introduce (2).....

In the spirit of introducing and also supporting the wonderful bloggers that are BSNC and Miss FlyHigh, here's the hottest thing to hit blogville *drum-roll please*

It's a new blog recently launched by a trio of beautiful and articualate ladies MissFlyHigh, Brown Skin Naija Chic aka BSNC and Bibi..

It's only just started and has an audio welcome/introduction post but judging from the team's individual blogs, you are in for a treat!

Check it out/include in your blogroll and "firsssssst" it as much as possible lol

Good job ladies!

God bless xx


  1. I can't wait for their 1st post..

  2. awwww thanks babe, thats was really sweet.

    I hope we can deliver :)

  3. huh wheres my comment i made ?

  4. Miss FlyHigh I didn't see you first comment.....
    How's everyone doing?
    @Buttercup, mee neither, can't wait
    @BSNC I'm sure you guys are very capable :-)


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