Tuesday 12 January 2016

The Gift of Waiting

"God has put dreams and desires in every person's heart. But most of the time, there is a season of waiting involved. Maybe you are waiting for a relationship to improve; waiting to get married or waiting for a promotion. Much of life is spent waiting...." - Joel Osteen

I was sent this very beautiful piece of encouragement this morning by my beautiful mum. It's an extract from Joel Osteen's devotional 'Today's Word with Joel and Victoria Osteen'.

That last line is the truth - "Much of life is spent waiting".. Waiting or praying about something. Can you look back at your life and think of a time that you weren't expecting something or 'trusting' God for something? It's difficult right?

Personally, looking back, I remember when the most important thing for me was being able to make good grades in school. Next, prayers changed to being able to gain admission into a great University. Following that, was to graduate with a good grade. After that, I needed a great job. Afterwards, I wanted a great man and a great marriage.. After this, there would be the desire for children and to conceive, next would be for them to be born healthy and then for them to be safe etc etc.. the cycle continues. The truth is that there's hardly a time in our lives that we are not hopeful about something, committing it in prayers and trusting God to answer!

Now, one of the things about prayer and answers from God is that we don't always know when the answer would come. We determine the course of action (prayer), we are assured that God will answer (Matthew 7:7), however, often times, what we cannot tell is when He will.. This is where the waiting comes in.

You and I can agree that waiting can be the MOST difficult thing! Argghhhhhhh.. Who invented waiting??! (You and I know who right?) lol

Nevertheless, just like everything God makes is good, waiting on God is good (don't shoot me yet!). Indeed, there are many benefits I have discovered in waiting. It's hardly ever a pleasant experience, but I believe that a lot of our character and strength is moulded in the place of waiting. Particularly, waiting on God!

1. You learn how to trust God more. You learn the power of pure dependence on God.

2. You learn how to be patient - Oh you do!

3. You learn how to pray (praise and fast!). Your walk with God is enhanced.

4. You appreciate your blessings.. Sometimes, it becomes more valuable.

5. You KNOW that the God that you serve is faithful indeed.

6. The gift is not the prize, the character you build in the process is the real gift of waiting.

... There are so many benefits of waiting and I enourage you to think about it, focus on that rather than on what is yet to come. Trust God, He is ever faithful. Know that He has only your best interest at heart. Has He made a promise to You expressly personal or through His word? He will definitely come through for you. It's only a matter of time.. Do not waste your gift of waiting in the place of idle anxiety.

May 2016 be good to you by the grace of God.

What's your waiting story? What have you learnt in the process? Please share...

Lots of love xxxx

PS Don't forget the Understanding Purpose Conference this Saturday, 16th of January, 2016. I'll be there, hope to see you!!


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  1. I have had to wait for so many things in my life and as frustrating as those times may have been, one lesson I learned each time was that God knew I was not ready and gave me time to be prepared before making certain things happen for me. I look back and I realize I needed to grow to a certain level before I could appreciate certain gifts and I bless God for making me wait. When God says "wait", He won't make you wait forever and when He does make things happen after the wait, they always happen in style and in such a manner that you cannot give anyone except Him the glory.

    1. Very very true! He won't make you wait forever! What a wonderful consolation... And yes, I can certainly testify - When he shows up, He shows up in grand style! *dancing* :-)

      Thanks for stopping by. God bless you!

  2. Great Post Ayo. Point #6 resonates with me the most; "The gift is not the prize, the character you build in the process is the real gift of waiting."

    All the best for 2016 and I pray your gift for this season will be ready for you :-)

    1. Amen! Thanks my dear HF! Have a beautiful 2016... One that is unforgettable xx

  3. 'Wait' sounds exactly like 'Weight' as /Weyt/
    So if we do not learn to Wait, we won't grow our spiritual Weight and life's challenges will easily blow us away...Let's learn to wait ooo. Buh he no easy sha...God help us!

    1. As in, my brother, e no easy at all! But thank God for His grace that is sufficient.

      Thanks for stopping by :-)

  4. My dear, waiting e no easy. that's the truth.
    But we thank God for the grace and patience to endure the period of waiting and even enjoy it. Since we can't wish or pray it away, one might as well enjoy it and also benefit during that period of waiting. One thing is for sure, God is aware that we are waiting patiently on him for one thing or the other so he will definitely come through.
    By the grace of God, we will not wait in vain. Amen

    That Thankful Heart 

    1. Amen! We will not wait in vain!

      You're very right, waiting e no easy! May God give us the grace to endure till the end and may we reap a great harvest in Jesus name.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by xx


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