Friday, 15 January 2016

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

My Ultimate Focus, the Great Rewarder, the One whose word is Faithful and True. The One whose power is matchless. The One who reigns in heaven and rules the affairs of men. Excellent God, Beautiful Saviour, Gentle Holy Spirit, I honour You. You are great and greatly to be praised!

Daddy, I am learning new things in the area of thanksgiving and I am thankful to You for making this possible. My dear friend and sister said to me only a few days ago - "Ayo, I am learning to be grateful for NOW"..

Sometimes Lord, we get so focused on the future and what we hope to have and be that we forget to appreciate and thank You for today. Indeed, today is the answer to yesterday's prayers.

I thank You for where I am right now! I thank You for this season of my life. I know that it is part of your perfect plan for my life to be me right now. I thank You for blessing me with such amazing people around me now, I thank You for my job now, I thank You for my income now, I thank You for my position now. I thank You for the girl that You have made me now - certainly not the same as yesterday.

I know I don't thank You enough Daddy, as sometimes I tend to be more set on the future, on what is coming (I guess I am very excited about what the future holds in You lol) but Daddy from the bottom of my heart, thank You for my now. My life is in Your hands and I acknowledge that Your timing is perfect, impeccable, absolutely faultless.

I am forever grateful Lord and whether it be now or the future, one thing I am sure of is that I am sold out to You. It is me and You for the long haul - this side of eternity and after!

I love You always and I remain indebtedly grateful to You.

All my love (and then some),
One xx


  1. Your letters always make me do some serious souls searching. I've recently been so focused on planning and praying for my future that I've forgotten to be thankful for just something as important as being alive right now. I needed to read this.

    1. Awww I am really glad you could connect wuth it! Thank God for His faithfulness always. He speaks in wonderful ways. Glory to Jesus!

  2. Hi 1 + THE ONE.. How are you Bubba?! Now without mincing words yeah.. I can categorically tell you that this is the most sincere series on Blogger! I mean its on another level of inspiration Ayo.. One un-explored yet by many bloggers. I read the below ehn.. and it hit me like Thunderbolt.. You know nah Bubba.. The place where you said;

    "today is the answer to yesterday's prayers"

    And in response Duru goes Wow! Wow!! wow!!! its funny how many of us are so ghen-ghenLY focused on the Future that we TOTALLY forget to be grateful for Today that is... for that Job.. for Instagram..for that Love story.. for that car et piece of land.. for that cup of coffee.. for that assured plate of food.. and that way my Dear.. in waiting for the future.. I think are just being Ingrates on a whole different level of ingratitude. Wow! "Thank GOD for now".. cause whether we gree or not oh! a lot of our prayers have in silence come true.

    The Paragraph before "I love you always" took me to cloud 9 and kept me there Ayo.. I am on a FriGGing Hi yo!!! heheheh! Wow! Amazing Piece. Thanks for sharing Baby mi.. Amazing piece **Reclines on Jangolova Chair :) xx Blessings!

    1. Hahahahaa! I loveeeee you! Your comments give me life :-D

      Thank you so so very much! May God give us the grace to always remember to be grateful for today in Jesus name.


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