Friday, 4 December 2015

Dear Daddy

My darling dearest King,

Lover of my soul, Owner of my head, Centre of my joy, Redeemer of my life, Lord of my destiny, Capturer of my heart, Reason why I live, Spring in my step, Confidence of my tomorrow, Hope of my future, Author of mhy salvation, Giver of my blessings, God of my youth!

I haven't written to You in a while Daddy and I have missed doing this! This is without doubt, the easiest of posts I have to write on here. I take pleasure in writing to You. Indeed as I type, with Your son William McDowell providing a bed of worship, I smile :-)

You make my heart smile, You make my soul smile, You make my now smile, You make my future smile :-) :-) I hope I make You smile too... I want to make You happy, to make You pleased, for You to see me and be proud.

Today Lord, may I just say THANK YOU.. Thank You for the many ways You have shown Yourself faithful. Thank You for how You have shown Your goodness, not just to me alone, but to everyone else because Your love for us is so deep, so wide, unquenchable..

Daddy, if I thanked You individually for ALL You have done, been and given me, I probably would not finish until You come. However, one person I am sincerely and forever grateful to You for is the woman You chose to be my mother on this earth.

Thank You for my amazing, wonderful mother. Thank You for the strength and grace You have blessed her with. Thank You for the kind of love you put in her heart for us her children and for others too. Thank You for making her such a responsible and intelligent woman. Thank You for blessing me with a mum that I can look up to, aspire to be like and absolutely admire. Thank You for blessing me with a praying mum. A mother whose knees and lips are never far away from heaven and whose tongue blesses, encourages and cheers us on to greatness. A mother whose love and devotion to You is something so beautiful.

Thank You for where You took her from, how far You have brought her and the plans You have for her future. Thank You for making her a pillar in her family; a daughter, sister and aunt that anyone would delight in!

Daddy, I am so grateful for this Your very special and unique daughter!

In blessing me, You chose to greatly favour me by making her my mother. Thank YOU Abba Father.

Thank You for being the wind beneath her wings. You rock, You rule, You reign. Glory to YOU my King!

I love You first, always,
One xx

My heart sings to YOU Abba xxx


  1. AwwghH!! How nice.. You know yeah.. It is IMPOSSIBLE and i mean IMPOSSIBLE to read this post (and the series in all) without smiling a sincere smile from your heart. May GOD bless your Mum (and my Dad too... Biko the Igbo in me is strong.. Lemme quickly Tap small Dear Daddy anointing for him)

    This was a very lovely read.. #ItcanonlybeGOD Weldone Nne.. Keep shinning bright like the star you are... Shey you hear?!

    1. I haff hear :-)

      Thanks a lot Bubba.. May God continue to bless your dad and give him the grace and length of life to see you excel in Jesus name.


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