Monday, 14 December 2015

Celebrating Pastor Bims!

Last week Thursday was the anniversary of the passing away of one of the greatest women who walked on the face of this earth.

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The Beautiful Pastor Bims!
Pastor Abimbola Rosemary Odukoya was an icon, a force to be reckoned with in both the Christian and secular circles. She was an inspiration to so many people and a blessing to many homes and hearts.

I remember the day I heard about her passing, it was a Sunday morning ten years ago and shock is an understatement to describe what I felt. I found it very difficult to believe that this amazing woman was gone.. taken away from us, just like that!. However, like the song says "He gives and takes away, blessed be His name!"

I am grateful for the blessing of Pastor Bims (as she was lovingly called), I am grateful that she lived such an impactful life to the glory of God, I am grateful to have been blessed by her ministrations and tutelage, I am grateful for so many things about her and many lessons I learnt from her life and teachings, a few I will mention below...

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Excellent Teacher!
1. Pastor Bimbo was a woman who was devoted to her God! Oh she talked about God with such a passion that you wanted to also get to know this amazing Supreme Being she spoke about with such reverence and respect. She worshipped Him with abandon and didn't mind expressing her love for God is such wonderful ways.

2. She was a passionate woman! She was passionate about everything she did - She loved her God with a passion, she loved her husband with a passion, she loved her children with a passion, she loved her church with a passion, she loved people with a passion, she loved and did things with such admirable passion!

3. She made it clear that her husband and family were priority in her life. I watched and learnt how to honour and respect your man in such a beautiful way, irrespective of how much accolade you get used to!

4. Pastor Bim was a woman full of life! You wanted to be with her.. She was so lively, so engaging! She made people around her feel good! You could listen to her talk for ages :-)

5. She preached Jesus without holding back! She was a woman who knew how to preach the word of God. She believed very much in confessing the word of God, holding on and believing in God's word.

6. She was a 'hot' Christian woman - not just spiritually but physically! She not only paid attention to what was going on inside but outside too! Being spiritual is no excuse to look dowdy :-)

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7. She taught me a LOT about relationships, love and marriage! I still make reference to her today (and tomorrow too!).. Her books remain relevant, her video seminars and advice still work today!

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I could go on and on about this phenomenal woman who God gave the grace to walk the face of this earth for 45 full years!

I pray that God will make us vessels of honour that will be fit for use to His glory so that when it's time for us to exit this side of eternity, our impact and legacy would outlive us. More importantly, when we meet face to face with our Creator on that side of eternity, that we will hear the treasured words of welcome and well done!


  1. So first off Bubba.. I love how you put it as;

    "when it's time for us to exit THIS SIDE of eternity" and "THAT SIDE of eternity"

    Truth is.. We dunno how long we haf got on here Nne.. So life is teaching this 24 years 33 days old confused man to make teh best ouTTa every single moment.. I mean Show love.. make love.. and be Love.. cause when its all over yeah.. Its OVER. I remember i was 14 or there about when i was gifted a CD of hers in Teens Church.. Cant remember if she had passed to greater Glory then or was still on this side of Eternity (had to try it out :) ).. but it did touch my heart and guided me through its course..

    hehehe @being Christian is not an excuse to be Shabby! abeg shout am oh! Je kin awon aye gbo! lmao.. That's so True Biko.. As we are as much Physical as we are spiritual.

    May her soul rest in the Perfect Peace of our Lord GOD in Jesus Mighty Name.. Amen. Cheers 1 + THE ONE. #Udo.

    1. I think you are well on your way to being the best of you and leaving a legacy this side of eternity :-)

      May your life and reward on the other side of eternity be mighty indeed in Jesus name xx

  2. Looking at how her books, videos, words, love for God has outlived even her external body...
    What are we living for if not to pour into lives and impact men and women for Christ wherever He has placed us?

    Continue to bask in God till we all meet at the end ma'am.
    We love you

    1. Amen! I look forward to seeing her to... And also understanding some things :-)


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