Friday, 24 April 2015

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy!!!!

King of my Heart, Core of my existence.. My Super Daddy! My Confidence and my Strength, my solid Defence and my Shield.

It's been such a longgg time I've written to You and I am bursting with things to say to You.. You know Your daughter is a chatter-box :-) Thank You for the 'gift' of talking... It's become one of my tools of trade :-) You make us humans so perfectly perfect.. You equip us with EVERYTHING we need for life and living.. What an AWESOME God You are!

Thank You for the past few weeks. Since the last time I wrote to You, a LOT has gone on and even though I know that You are aware of them all, seeing as You are always mindful of us Your children and nothing ever skips your watch, I still would like to acknowledge them and thank You very much for them!

Thank You for the wonderful news I've heard thus far from family and friends - prayers answered, testimonies abounding - Baba God, odikwa too much, three much, infinity much!!

Thank You for the new circle of ladies I have come to fellowship with in the past few days, what an absolute joy it has been! Thank You for kick-starting this and making it a truly special time indeed. You orchestrate the best meetings #MasterPlanner extraordinaire.

Thank You for the life of a lovely friend who we sadly lost this week. Daddy it is difficult thanking You in times like this because sometimes it just doesn't make sense! I can't seem to fathom why she had to go.. But Lord through it all, I choose to thank You for blessing her family and friends with her life, thank You for the time we spent with her, laughed with her and got to fellowship with her. Please Daddy, Balm in Gilead, heal her husband and family's heart, Prince of Peace, let Your peace rule their hearts, let them feel Your love in an indescribable way. Comfort them Daddy, please let them feel You near like never before and receive strength from You for now and the future.

Thank You for every opportunity, every door that You alone could have opened, every thing I can see and cannot see. Thank You that I have hope in You.. What-ever would my life have been if my hope were not in You, my Hope of Glory!

Thank You for the weekend, it's going to be SUPER, FANTASTIC, SPECTACULAR! Not just for me Lord, but please Daddy, make it so for everyone who desires it and much more in Jesus name.

I love You Mighty God. You are ALL-Mighty!!

Always Your little girl (always and always),
One xx

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Always Your little One


  1. We thank you Daddy, We thank you Father, Thank you Jesus.

    Have a lovely weekend Friend!

  2. I'm overdue for a love filled letter to my Daddy too - really need to have an intimate chat with Him, the writing way...

    Lord be praised, forever.

  3. **in 's voice.. Awwwgghh I am really sorry for your loss.. You know ehn Sometimes i wonder why people (especially the good ones) die.. I wonder why we all cant just live forever and ever and ever in happiness and love.. but then,.. Just now as i typed this.. Angel Gabriel whispered in my ear that we die from this world to live together forever.. and that is how i now finally have an answer to that age old kweshion... Ossssshheeey Turn uP! Ayo see as your Post just gave me ageless inspiration.. Mbok can i be like you when i grow up?! May the soul of your friend Rest in the perfect peace of our lord GOD.

    You know ehn., This life is one kain.. We never really understand why we go through stuff. but like Steve Jobs (R.I.P) said, the Dots can only connect looking backward.. hence this line caught my attention the most: "What-ever would my life have been if my hope were not in You" and to it i say Word.. Truly Bubba, GOD is the greatest.. and **In ED Dreams of BellaNaija fame's Voice.. I add his legenfdary line.. No Doubt.. Cheers..

    1. Yyyyaaaaayyy Ayo is Back... **Shines teeth...

  4. Daddy thank you for being there for me in childhood days. I didn't have the world but you loved me through.
    Thank you for my family, there's celebration everywhere....
    Thank you for 1+the one♡♡♡♡

    1. Thank You Daddy!
      God bless you beautiful! xxxx

  5. May we never forget to acknowledge him


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