Friday, 12 December 2014

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

My Best and Greatest friend. Compassionate, Beautiful, Kind, Loving, Merciful, Gracious..

Oh your GRACE Daddy. How mighty is your wonderful grace.. Like the song writer says, it's Amazing - Amazing Grace.

King of my heart, today I want to revel and focus on your grace. Your grace that we could never buy, we couldn't afford it even if we tried. Your grace towards us Your children is so wonderful, it's a strong reminder of how deep Your love for us Your children is.

Where would I be if Your grace didn't keep me, hold me, sustain me? It's Your grace that shines on us Your children to make the difference - not by power, nor by might, but only by Your grace. We could never hold claim to anything we are or anything we have, You own it all, You give it all, it's only by Your grace.

Your grace ensures that often times, we don't get what we deserve, rather Your grace covers us. Daddy, your grace goes hand-in-hand with mercy and favour, it does not walk alone. We receive mercy and the forgiveness of our sins by grace, your amazing grace. We get the strength and ability to obey and walk with You by Your grace.

The beautiful thing about Your grace is that it's not only FREE, it is unmerited - we truly don't deserve it but Rose of Sharon, out of Your incredible love for us, You give us anyway. Thank You.

Your grace humbles me Daddy. I am aware that but for Your grace, I would be lost, I would be nothing, I would be irrelevant.. but for Your grace. Words cannot begin to describe how deeply grateful I am to You.

It's Your grace that found me when I was lost, Your grace took me in all my shortcomings and cleaned me real nice. Your grace disregarded the bad things I had done (and still do sometimes.. sorry!) and chose to lovingly make me Your royal priesthood, Your very own, daughter of the Most High God! Your grace gave me a clean slate, a brand new start, a shot at eternity! Thank You for Your grace!

Your grace sustains me, it holds me, and in Your daughter Tasha Cobbs' voice, "I'm mighty grateful for Your grace!".

Oh, I could go on and on Daddy but I 'll stop here for now.. However, I leave You with this wonderful expression of love from Your daughter (my sister :-)) Tasha Cobbs...

God loves me, adores me
Watches over me, you are for me
Grace loved me, and it’s not what I deserved
And nothing that I’ve earned
But daily
Grace saves me.

Oh but for your grace
Oh but for your grace
Oh but for your grace
I’d be lost but for your grace

I love You Daddy, and I am forever grateful to You.

Your Daughter by Grace,
One xx


  1. God may we have more reasons to appreciate and share our words of testimony for the great things you've done and who you've been to us...beautiful song and lyrics...........

    1. Amen to your prayer dearie..
      One of my top played songs at the moment..

  2. Smiled through this.
    God's grace...but for His grace...
    Will download Tasha's song now

  3. Hmm, my sister, but for His grace! I'm so thankful to God!


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