Friday 5 December 2014

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy,

Where do I start from? How do I even begin to praise and honour You?

You are wonderful, You are simply full of wonder!

I thank You for making me understand more and more the depth of Your love for me, Your compassion towards me, the fact that You are mindful of my every weakness and compassionate towards me.

Thank You for looking after me.. Oh Lord, You do look after me so well and I cannot express my gratitude to You enough. Thank You because I am so sure that You have only my best interest at heart. Lord, sometimes I reflect on how deep Your love for me is and I am just blown away, amazed at how a God like You could love a girl like me so much! Thank You Daddy.

I could never fathom how deep Your love is. Just when I think I get it, You show me a new dimension. Thank You for never giving up on me, for never looking down on me, for never despising me. Thank You because you 'get' me.. You 'get'  me real good.

All I want to say to You is THANK YOU.. Daddy, this girl here, YOUR girl is grateful. Thank You, Ese, Dalu, Nagode, Diolch, Shokran...

I love You now and forever,
One xx

PS I join your children here in Lagos at the Experience and in Manchester at the Festival of Praise in joyful Halleluyah, singing Your praise - To You alone be all the glory. I acknowledge You, I reverence You, I honour You, I bow before You, I worship You, One and Only True Living God.


  1. I am greatful too daddy because In exactly a month I will add another year, blessed be your Holy name. Accept my heartfelt thanksgiving.

    1. Praise God!! Your birthday is a day after mine... Thank God for January babies :-)
      May we celebrate in great joy and excellent health in Jesus name xx

  2. hehehe i couldnt but smile as i read through... You know yeah, we are but tiny creatures loved by a BIG GOD, and its amazing how his love for us never dies regardless of our, or should i say ion this case MY many shenanigans... GOD is GOD biko, and he is awesomely wonderful...

    P.S: Hey 1, I am getting used to this Dear Daddy Pastor feeling oh :), not bad afterall yeah?! not bad.. :)

    1. God is good, ALL the time dear..
      Not bad at all.. :-) I'm loving it! Pastor The Beloved! :-D

  3. Dear daddy, i adore you for showing me how high, wide, deep and long your love is for saw me drowning in sorrow and you came at the right time to deliver me......who else is worthy of my praise but you....your my rock, provider and source of heart is filled with praise for you.....infact whenever i have the opportunity to dance or sing i do it gladly because when i think of all you've done for me i have no choice but to thank you.
    I love you Daddy

    1. What a beautiful testimony of God's love dearie.. Thank God for His exceedingly great love..
      Our SUPER God!


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