Monday, 13 January 2014

A love-ing YOU - 2014!

Hello everyone!

Like I mentioned in my previous post HERE, the theme for this blog in 2014 is BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS!

As an individual, I am passionate about seeing relationships flourish.. Not just romantic ones but even platonic relationships too.. I am interested in the art of improving the way we relate with one another as human beings.. and in particular, this topic is dear to my heart as a Christian - because God says we must love Him (relationship) and love others as we love ourselves (more relationship)!

I have discovered that building relationships starts with building one's self.. Yes, it starts with YOU! - In some instances, you would need to change YOUR thinking, YOUR reaction and improve the way YOU relate and communicate with people.. It's not easy at all but one thing I know for sure is that it's WORTH IT!

So ladies and gentlemen, let's do this! May God give us the grace to be better spouses, children, parents, siblings, relatives, friends! And above all, may it give God pleasure :-)

Lots of love people xxxx

Today and always xxxx

PS Apologies for not fulfilling my promise of starting the new series last week! Things happened and now my access to the internet is very limited (temporary though).. I will start this month by God's grace.. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding *wink* xx


  1. It really does start with individuals....looking forward to the series!!!

  2. Yes indeed. As we mature and grow we start looking to improve ourselves. One of my goals is to work on strengthening my relationships.

  3. This is a good one and you're right, It starts with self

  4. Perfect....I choose to love...GBAM

  5. Thanks everyone.. May God help us in 2014 - It's all about improving our love-nature xx

  6. Relationships!!!!
    This year na core course for me ooo
    Thank God I have started already

  7. Thank God! And I am seriously taking notes from you nne xx

  8. Spot on! What births a thing sustains it, if relationships birth life, it goes without saying that Life would thrive (or not) by the relationships in which we are found.

  9. @Elisabeth, spot on! We need to continue to cultivate and strengthen our relationships xx


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