Thursday, 16 January 2014

Golden Words - I Am Sorry

Hello everyone!! Just checking in..

I have found that one of the HARDEST phrases to say is 'I am sorry'... I don't know why but here are a few reasons why I think it's so difficult:


1. It involves a very huge helping of humble pie.
2. It goes against most of the things your ego stands for
3. It means an admission of wrong-doing
4. It could make you appear weak or as the weaker party
5. Sometimes, you actually don't feel sorry
6. The other person/people may feel like they 'won'.
7. It shows that you actually make mistakes.
8. It just doesn't feel good..
9. Include yours..


Saying I'm sorry can leave a bad taste in your mouth in some cases, however it is one of the most powerful phrases that can turn what could turn out to be a bad situation right around.

The phrase works for both older and younger people, colleagues and friends, family and strangers..

It's usually better when verbally expressed and not just making amends by being extra nice to the person (this works after you have said the golden words!)

I know some people find it verrrry difficult stringing those words together.. And ironically to our dearest and closest, it seems even harder! But it works a world of wonders - especially when said from a sincere place.


"I am Sorry"

Practice it - say it - let it be a (GREAT) part of you!

A relationship could be saved by those simple 3 words - I Am Sorry.

So tell me, do you find it easy to apologise when wrong or even when you feel like you're right?


  1. To be honest when I am right, I find it kinda hard to say I am sorry well because I am right but when I'm wrong.,.then I say sorry although I might 'form' with the closest peeps at times.

  2. I'm sorry, but I see no reason why saying it should be hard. It makes issues get solved faster, and makes life easier for everyone.

  3. In Primary School, we were taught that Please, Sorry and Thankyou are magical words, making life simple and beautiful... I still believe it.

  4. Saying sorry doesn't necessary mean you are in the @ilola said it makes life a lot easier

  5. My mom and I are close but when we have our "moments" one of her biggest complaints is that I don't say sorry. I think for me it may be a pride issue.

    I agree with everything in your post. I'll be working on humility and may God give us that strugle with this issue the grace to put aside pride and humble ourselves.

  6. @MT, I understand what you mean.. I'm like "Why should I have to? I am RIGHT! lol"
    @ilola, It does oh.. but you know this evil thing called pride ehn..
    @Debby, You're very right.. I can personally testify
    @Sykik, Yes it doesn't.. I am learning that and trying to make it sink in (God's grace)
    @HF, Amen! I know what you mean... I think the reverse is the case for my mum and I.. I always complain after my mum and I have had a disagreement that she doesn't say sorry - she just makes everything alright..... But I like to hear those words though lol

  7. The older I got, the easier its become. Sometimes, I just swallow my pride and apologize for the greater good of peace.

  8. Yes,its always not easy, main reason is cuz of pride.
    I pray for grace to eat the humble pie as much as I have to this year,amen.
    Thanks 1+...

  9. Nne eh
    I mean, with the world of good it does, I have learnt to be generous with it. Especially as I don't have power for 'war'

  10. InThe, You got it right _ For the greater good of peace!
    ImP, Amen oh! I pray for grace too! xx
    @E, lol.. I'd also rather employ my power to better use! xx


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