Monday, 10 June 2013

This is IT!

This weekend, I had so many many discussions about marriage and relationships which was largely coincidental! lol

But I am glad cause I learnt a whole lot.. Many new things (In relationships, one keeps on learning).

So I was speaking to a couple very dear to me and I asked both of them what the deciding factor was for each of them when they chose to say I do to the other. (That is in addition to other factors like love etc etc)

For the lady - The fact that she could talk to him and feel that she could just be herself with. Someone she could share her most intimate thoughts with and still feel very comfortable about it.

For the man - Loyalty. He said, for him as a man, it was important to know that you could have a woman by you who is ready to stand by you through the good and the bad. Someone who is always on your camp, someone who keeps believing in you and is happy to ride the storms out with you. Someone who doesn't just throw in the towel at the sniff of bad times.

Hmmmm.. I like to ask this question, what would be the deciding factor for you? Can you identify with the answers above?

If you are married what made you think "Yes this is it!"?

May God help us to make the right decisions in marriage xxxx


  1. For me, We should share the same spiritual/doctrinal beliefs. I am secure and comfortable in his presence. I know that I am loved. We talk about issues/problems and resolve them maturely. He is my encourager. He makes me want to be a better person by virtue of the type of person he is. I am compelled to respect him. He strives to please God.

  2. Both answers are interesting and I think they reflect each person's own experience. One of many deciding factors for me is that we must be heading in the same direction.

  3. I love your 'IT' HF! I pray that God will grant you your heart's desires.
    @RB, Yes oh, "Can two walk together except they agree?".. It's best to know that at least your vision/goals are similar.
    Thanks for your comments ladies xx

  4. For me, he fit the qualities in 1st Tim 3 about the qualities of a bishop/ deacon. If a guy had the qualities God demanded to rule a church, then he could probably lead and protect our home.

    Ps... Nothing is coincidence oooh... * wink*

  5. I totally agree with you.. I pray sincerely for a God-ly man who fist that bill!

    Lol.. I agree, no coincidence.. So what do you think, God tryna tell me summin'? :-D xx

  6. I just wrote about the same thing on my site. Seems there's some considerable debate about whether there is such a thing as "the one". I'm of the opinion that the right person for you is the one that you "choose" to be the right person for you

  7. Hmm I agree with your post. In all honesty I'm still struggling with the concept of "This is IT!" because I'm still on the singles train. Lol!

    But I will however say that if a man walks up to me saying God revealed to him in a dream that I am his wife, I will go on a 7-day fast asap. Lol don't get me wrong, we both have to be Christians. The first three days is a petition to misdirect all fakes. Then the rest of the days...well, God have I met him? Lol I rambled...

  8. @naijashusband.. Hmmm @ the right person for you is the person you choose to be the right person.. I can see your point.. *running across to read your post! Thanks for your comment xx

    @W&S Thanks for stopping by.. Not rambling at all.. And yes, plix I don't even want to hear 'The Lord said'.. So many 'brothers' have spoilt it mehn lol.. I pray that God will bless you with the right man for you... very soon xx


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