Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Who makes the first moveee?

Hiya, it's your faithful runaway fwend here again, doing what she does best, sneaking in and out! What can I say, forgive moi, life is busy..

So, just a quick-ish one right: What's your thought on a girl making the first move? ie whatever your interpretation is, so could be from initiating the first contact to THAT question "So what's happening between us" to actually plunging right in and asking him to be in a relationship?

Secondly, on a personal note, would you do it / would you mind if as a guy you were asked by a girl?

This question was asked at an event I went to over the weekend and it provoked a debate and basically there were mainly 2 camps -

Camp 1 - Never! How can?! She's presenting herself as cheap! The guy will never respect her! It's not biblical, the bible says 'whoever FINDS a wife hence it's the man that does the finding, it's not in our (African) culture etc

Camp 2 - Why not? We are in the 21st century! Guys can be very slow so they need some help, Ruth slept at the foot of Boaz (technically translating to her making the first move - for non bible scholars, sorry!)

So what you say, yay or nay?

God bless xx


  1. It depends actually!if u'r absolutely sure d guy in question likes u,why not?!

  2. I get what you mean, what if you're not sure about if the guy likes you?
    I think I will do a post about shy guys :-) xx

  3. If the guy is too shy..sorry man enuff to make the first move,hell be 'shy' in makin serious decisions later.....there are ways u can make a guy know u like him widout actually tellin him it playing games if u like buh hey--HES SHY *rme*...loool
    The Fashion Engineer

  4. lol.. Plix what does rme mean? *covers face*


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