Wednesday, 28 November 2012

How far is far??

'But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God's holy people' Ephesians 5:3 (NIV)

Now, I believe I have mentioned / asked about this before on this blog and in many cases, I have had ladies ask this all important question with all sincerity and a desire to get a clear answer..

In a relationship / engagement / pre-marriage, how far is considered a sin?

Please be reminded that I made a pledge to take it back Old school, I failed and then renewed my decision to take it back 'God's School' by God's grace'. I have a desire to do things right and to glorify God in my relationship as much as possible. No compromise by His grace.

Now, most times I have had this discussion with others, there's always a debate about what one should and should not do in a Christian relationship / courtship.. Usually 'fleeing from sexual immorality' a lot of people say is relative.. So it depends on what you and your partner can take or when it becomes wrong / a sin to you. So for some, it's holding hands, for others its kissing and for some, it's a little bit more as long as the line of sex is not crossed...

I have usually agreed with this - so in the past I have subscribed to kissing, then unsubscribed.. but always held firm to the fact that as long as both parties steer clear from sex.. As of course that was a no-no!

However, I saw the above verse of scripture recently on a friend's status and it made a lot of sense.. I have been thinking recently, like real deep thinking of sex and purity before marriage and it has cropped up a lot in discussions with my friends...

The bible says 'even a hint of sexual immorality' must not be found.. So infact, not just sexual immorality itself but anything that resembles, looks like, is close to, or could be....... Hmmmmm

God says it is improper for it to be found amongst God's holy people.

I cannot claim to sit here and say that it is the easiest thing to do in this world but I tell you that if you believe it and purpose in your heart, it is possible. It is not easy but by God's grace it's possible.

So, just to encourage you already in it, you can do it. You can make a decision to handle your relationship God's way. For those preparing to go into a relationship, it is possible by God's grace.. You can honour God with your relationship and put Him first before your desires, emotions and strong feelings.

So, how far is far.. Right now, for me, anything I cannot do with any other male-friend is far..

I choose to guard my heart, body and soul by God's grace.... So help me God xxxx


  1. Wow!u'r strong...jst found ur blog n I must say,dis is refreshing!good job

  2. Lol.. It's not about being strong, trust me! It's all about the grace of God...
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.. God bless you and may God give you all the grace you need xx

  3. " Right now, for me, anything I cannot do with any other male-friend is far.." «-----My new motto!!
    I love you! Ur such a blessing! :**** (plenty homo)..loool

  4. Hmm... Been thinking of this verse all week. "...not even a hint..". We can't. But God can through us. More grace.

  5. I have made that decision myself and I certainly understand the difficulty that comes with pleasing God with your bodies but the peace that comes from that is magnificent. I've realised that when you date Christian boys who truly have a relationship with Christ, it makes everything easier because they'll draw you closer to God and to your purpose in life

  6. @ Sayedero, lol.. I'm glad we share that motto.. May God help us!
    @ Etoile, You're right, God can through us.. Only by HIS grace
    @Tomilola, thanks for that encouragement.. I'm grateful to you xx

  7. I found your blog because I was looking for that song Today Oh but went on to read your post as your profile was compelling.

    I want to commend you on approaching this topic in a humble and graceful way. God be praised always because it truly is His grace.

  8. Thanks a lot! Only by His grace... One day at he time... Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting xx


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