Monday, 25 June 2012

I desire....

I desire a man who loves God
I desire a man who is so patient and so kind
I desire a man who believes I am the best thing that ever happened to Him and demonstrates it
I desire a man who is so selfless in his dealings with me, it's almost unreal. There's no doubt about it that I come first.
I desire a man who is so interested in me and what I am about and what I have to say.
I desire a man who is never tired of listening to me and talking to me.
I desire a man who calls me at least 4 times a day just to check 'how his wifey is doing'.... after 20 years of marriage.
I desire a man who hardly ever calls my name but refers fondly to me with a special term of endearment (it makes me feel so loved, treasured and special.
I desire a man whose heart desire is to see me comfortable and happy.
I desire a man who is devoted to me and our children.
I desire a man who is a servant-leader. Firm but oh so gentle and loving
I desire a man who does not have the capacity to be mad at me or stay mad at me.
I desire a man who respects me deeply and I see it in his eyes and feel it in his touch.
I desire a man who never gets tired of me and loves my body through the changes that age and childbirth brings.
I desire a man who is my no 1 fan, my biggest cheerleader.
I desire a man in whom I am absolutely attracted to - spiritually, physically, mentally etc

I could go on and on and on.. 

I bet for some people, the above list sounds far-fetched and almost incredible. It used to: For me, I didn't think it was at all possible to have a marriage like I have described above... Only happens in fairytales.

In fact I dared not share this with some people as their sneering and jesting would hurt too much lol.

I had seen so many bad examples of marriage that I had started to believe that it is wise to be modest about your expectations of marriage at best.

BUT! What I describe above is not fantasy, it is actually REAL. It is a real life testimony of a beautiful African couple I know who have been married for over 20 years! (yup, you can read the list again, and it's in no way exhaustive). Their marriage inspires me. It makes me want to get married... quickly!

Yes, I have seen and heard about atrocious marriages. At one point, it made me have doubts about the institution, but real examples like this couple and some many others are testimonies on which I refer to when I speak to God about my own expectations of marriage.

Simple message for today, A good marriage, actually an awesome marriage is POSSIBLE by God's grace! Don't stop believing it, don't stop desiring it, don't settle for less than God's best for you!

Once in a while on this blog I will feature some positive examples of marriages that I know. Real life examples. There are so many bad examples out there, the good ones are not allowed to shine and encourage others!

Remember, faith comes by hearing.. We need to refine what we hear so that our faith can be strengthened!

Lots of love peeps, God is good!



  1. ur sooo right!!! its really 4 me...recently ive started thinkin my my standards/desires were too high/far fetched....i guess God will never hold anything good from His children so its still very much possible :D
    I missed u everyday abeg!!looool

  2. Hmmm...Great Post and I am blessed to say I have EVERYTHING on that list and I've been married only 3 yrs. I think more woman could have this if we knew what we were looking for and had the patience and maturity to look beyond the outer cover. When I first saw my husband to be, the first thing that came out of my mouth was " There is absolutley no way, I can even date this guy" Hmm... when I look back i think "foolish,naive me"... I praise God for the strength to look beyond what I thought I was seeing and desire more than the basic norm.

    Great Post and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!!

  3. Thanks my darling Sayedero! You are an wonderful encourager and I appreciate you :-) About the blogging daily, amen! I desire... lol

    Aww that's wonderful ITMoH. I love your blog, thanks for stopping by and may God continue to bless your home xx


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