Thursday, 28 April 2011

How to be in a relationship!

Hiya lovely people..

As always, it's been to loong. And in the way of time, so much has happened. I have missed blogging as usual and I come back here often and wish I could just type something or 'bluetooth' my thoughts to my laptop *that would be so lovely*..
Well here I am, and I'm so glad I'm here!
A big thank you to all who have stopped by especially first-timers, a big welcome to you, God bless you indeed.

So as per the topic at hand...

You know, one thing I have realised is that because it has been too long when I have been in a proper relationship, I feel like I need lessons! Honestly though, I need to learn the basics of how to act during the 'chasing' stage and then how to comport myself on a first date etc.. For instance, how do you front 'sufficiently' without seeming like you are not interested or making it obvious?? If I don't front, how would I act in such a way that I don't seem desperate or keen? What are the etiquettes of dating and relationships I ask??... gosh I need help!!

Many people think or assume these things come naturally to them but mehn I beg to differ.. You would just notice that for some reason, relationships don't seem to work or guys/ladies tend to lose interest in you for no apparent reason. Later, you would deduce that there's someone in your mother/father's village doing you.... No my dear, you are 'doing' yourself!

So I want to take the bold and unashamed step to ask you wonderful and experienced (and by experienced, I refer to people who have been able to sustain successful relationships!) people, what are the secrets to dating and being in a fulfilling relationship?

Practical steps would be much appreciated and of course steps that are pleasing to the One (Almighty God!)...

Lots of love xx


  1. pray for guidiance n be yourself so your patner would love u for whom u are not who u pretend to be.
    Remember patience, endurance tolerance, communication etc also bear in mind that a relationship isn't just a walk in the park

  2. That's the best advice oh. Just be yourself. If you act, he'll see something is wrong. My advice- don't play games, of any kind. If he likes you he won't get dis-interested


  3. Mehn...the more you look the less you see oh lol. Just be urself and take it one day at a time.
    Even the one that shows the most interest and chases you forever can turn and start like he was never interested.

    So my dear, you take them as they come with God's help

  4. Thanks all..
    @ Chizy K, I agree with you we do need to pray for guidance..
    @The Corner Shop, *like*, I subscribe to being real as well... I think it's such hardwork faking it.
    @Repressed One, "Even the one that shows the most interest and chases you forever can turn and start like he was never interested." Mehn I have experience in that one... hope to share on blog soon :-) xx

  5. I was once in that predicament! I had not been in a serious God-centred relationship before I met who I am with now and when I did meet her I was rusty! Partly because I had become born-again and God had stripped me of my old man. I felt I had no 'game' for a born-again girl. I had to pray o! lol. Amazingly, God showed me what to do in a practical sense. Even more importantly, He poured so much grace into the situation that the girl (now my girlfriend of 3yrs) in question easily overlooked all my rustiness! So prayer helped a lot and like what everyone else said, I had to be myself. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. It would be a shame to think or act otherwise. Guys can see through that quickly and it scares them off. A confident God-fearing woman is very attractive to any sensible man.

  6. Hey Watchman! Thanks for stopping by my blog.. I love yours!
    lol@ your experience but thank God it all worked out well...
    And it's nice to have a male perspective on the topic.. God bless you xx

  7. I think its a very interesting question to be fair.. I particularly do not think there is a way designed to be in a relationship.. Everyone experience and idea will differ(As the spirit leads)..

    But as everyone as said pray... Having said that, use wisdom too, apply it and be honest... Never lie to urself... If u like someone be real with urself u like them and pray about it... With time everything will unravel..

    Until then.. pls seek advice from Holy Spirit.. he is your bestest friend and reliable source.. He is the only one that can help and teach u on how to approach any a relationship.. Besides, if it aint marriage its a NONO.. (I assume)..

    All the same.. I doubt if a genuine christian relationship will have the same rules as the world.. More like tell ur pastor, pray and etc etc happens ( it does not happen in all cases.) My ultimate advice (as the spirit leads. God spirit)...

  8. "Daughter of Her King, Word!Thanks a lot for your comment! I would certainly be consulting the Holy Spirit.. In fact I have started asking Him for dating tips :-)
    Once again, thank you very much and welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by xx

  9. Talk abt the Holy Spirit being your guide (even in dating). I think that's uber-awesome.


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