Friday, 12 June 2009

He'll do it again!


Sometimes, you feel so down and so low, you just need an uplifting...

Sometimes everything seems to be falling apart all at once and you just wish someone would come and rescue you from it all..

Sometimes all hope seems to have gone, nowhere to turn, no one really seems to understand..

Sometimes it seems like the troubles don't want to go away and there really isn't any help in sight....

Sometimes you have prayed and praised and done all the "good" things, yet nothing seems to be happening...

Sometimes even your loved ones are no where to be found and even the one you hold dearest can't be there for you...

Sometimes you wish the smiles that others see are really true and not the deep cry that goes on inside...

Sometimes you just want to give it all up...

....I heard this song again recently and for some reason it spoke to me so so deeply...

"Just take a look at where you've been and where you are now.."
"Hasn't He always come through for you
"He'll do it again....."

I pray that for you, you will laugh again, you will dance again, you will have hope again, you will believe in yourself again, you will dust yourself up and try again.....

Honey, things will work out again; you definitely may not know how and you may not even know when but be assured He WILL do it again!

God bless xx


  1. that was a lovely read. amen to all that. he will surely doit for us..

  2. i claim it (amen

    *happy w'end

  3. Thanks guys and happy weekend to you too! xx


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