Friday, 12 June 2009

Family Post: MUM 101

When I grow up, I want to be like my mum...

Yes, I want to be like one of the greatest women I know...

I want to love God as much as she does.. Honestly, she is a role model for honour and respect to her daddy.

I want to be full of love and loyalty like her... Growing up with my mum was such a delight, she made us (me and my siblings) aware that she loved us VERY much. Even though there were times when I could have sworn that she must have adopted me especially when she disciplined us silly (trust me, my mother did not understand how to spare the rod) yet, she would draw us close just afterwards and explain why she "had" to do what she did.

I want to be fuelled by passion for my dreams and aspirations like her...I know passion is embedded in the DNA of women, nevertheless permit me to say that my mum's is worthy of mention. When she believes in something she would not hesitate or be shy to go after it. My mum is a fierce activist, not afraid to STAND for what she believes in..

I want to be as intelligent, hardworking and clever as her.... She comes top of her class (whether in school, church or playground lol). I remember once going to her office and one of her bosses was like "you should be proud of her, she is so clever" and I beamed in my little heart, with my little self thinking "WOW, go mum!" :-)

I want to be as creative as she is.. She made growing up sooooo much fun, my goodness "Oh why don't we do it a bit differently this time" "If you do all your chores in time, we would go for lunch at xyz"

I want to be as beautiful as she is... Beautiful nice skin, nice legs, nice smile, great dress sense.. I hope I look like (better lol) you at your age. People say to me "Oh she looks more like your sister" (I smile in Spanish)

.....I am not writing this to flatter or boast or... rather I know that family values are being lost again and again in today's world so my quota to today's world (lol) is to make Friday "Family Post".. I hope to extol the virtues of members of the (my) family and take out time to "count" their worth in order to appreciate them even though sometimes they make us want to pull our hair out hehe (I'm sure you understand...)

I'm sure if you think of it, your post would be (ok, maybe not :-) longer than mine....

God bless xx


  1. lol it was long, but it was a nice post :). Me want to be like my papi, that guy is intelligent, smart and funny( as in lmao funny)...

  2. I hope your mum gets to read this! I'm glad you fully appreciate her...sometime's we never take the time to appreciate the people close to us...

  3. Aww she sounds really wonderful! You're blessed to have such a mum :). I like the idea of Family Post. How you been, hon?

  4. :-) Thanks guys, I hope she gets to read it someday oooo..
    I'm good BeeCee (u like? lol) thanks for asking.. how are you and Chari doing? Hope you're good xx


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